3G iPad on tour

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by toonman, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know what the latest op tour policy is for taking any 3G capable iPad on tour

    Is it a complete no no or is it allowed if sim card removed.
  2. It's ok with the sim out.
  3. It was certainly not allowed on H16.
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  4. we've been warned: discovery of any 3G capable device can kiss their tour bonus good bye, upto you if you want to risk it I guess
  5. Good reason for the policy as well mate so no point trying to argue otherwise!
  6. Do all countries enforce this rule?
  7. Even without a sim card in a 3g device it still can emit and receive a signal. (Take the sim card out of your phone and it will be able to call 999 still). It doesnt really take any sophisticated equipment to be able to zone in on the signal that your device still emits.
  8. Nope just UK, its only a UK rule.
  9. phone are place in RHQ control, although you can still buy a iPad from the PX ?
  10. Not if you turn off the cellular modem in the software setting.
  11. Huge no-no, not worth the risk. As far as I know the PXs only sell WiFi iPads. The only 3G device allowed, I think, is the Kindle, although I may be remembering incorrectly.

    People with iPads complained about the ability to connect to the WiFi in Bastion, and thought netbooks or othertablets handled it better, although again that may be utter cock.
  12. I believe the policy isn't so much for security but to prevent squaddies from having to sell kidneys post-tour in order to pay off bills and roaming charges. I may be wrong however we have been told some horror stories. I stand to be corrected as another reason was the prevalence of shit ending up on Youtube however there's no blanket ban on cameras so like many things might be a bit of a myth.
  13. No 3 G enabled devices allowed, even with Sim card out. As someone has said it still emits a signal.
    As for IPADs, dont bother. A Netbook/Laptop was considered better on H16. You can swap porn....sorry Holyoak re-runs on each others hardrives, which you cant do easily on IPADs. They may look good but IPAD's are useless when a mate of mine who was coming in to replace us droppsed his as he got off the plane on day one of his tour and smashed the screen!!!1
  14. Can you not just take out the sim card and put it in aircraft mode? its not going to transmit anything then other than wifi, thats what i did with my iphone last tour.