3G/GPRS Coverage

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Just have a bog standard and not paid much attention to these.

    Last night was working working with 3G card but could only get a GPRS connection. According to 3G coverage map I was about 200m away from a mast blasting out 1.4 MBps.

    Was I doing something wrong.

    Also is this book : Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems [Fourth Edition]
    still the bible (found an earlier version to be very good) ? Need to update myself ISDN, Satelite links, 3G, GPRS etc.

  2. At least your connected. Im in a 3G area and although it connects the APN doesnt seem to work so I have no gateway to the web.

    Try here, they have other providers if Voda isnt you.

    3g datacard help
  3. What network you with and where were you? It could be that the site was down, is it working now?
  4. Vodaphone Coverage

    S12 2AN

    If you go onto Mobile Data Map and then select 1.4Mbps coverage (map need to zoom out), it looks as if the mobile phone masts 200m from this location are 3G Vodaphone.
    Its happened several times before, I'm wondering if the account has been limited to GPRS (I'm not the account holder).
  5. If you go to the profile setup in the card software it will tell you if it's set for GPRS only.
  6. According to sitefinder, (which is what I use at work to find other operator sites) it shows that the voda site nearby (cell id 3515) is GSM only. this is near the junction of Mansfield rd and ridgeway rd at about 25meteres. It could be that the site has not been upgraded yet or sitefinder is out of date ( it sometimes is). I would expect that at 200m you would not have any trouble getting 3G coverage, no matter how many users are on the site, But if your further away then the more people using the site then the less pwr there is to go round and hence you have the cell breathing effect they talk about all the time. i.e if your on fringe coverage you will get booted off onto GPRS. Double check your settings if everything looks fine then ring Voda and ask to confirm if the site is live.

  7. cheers, must be the settings.
  8. Don't believe the coverage maps - most of the operators are economical with the truth. Are you indoors? IB coverage, especially on 3G, is not taken into account on the published data, and all operators suffer in the UMTS band from high penetration losses.

    Hope that helps to explain it (sorry if you knew all that - but no-one else has mentioned it)
  9. Operators are very optimistic with their coverage "predictions" in reality. All you are seeing is the visual representation of a very complex computation. Which is dependant on many inputs, ground height, building (clutter) data, vegetation etc, which invariably is out of date by many years and therefore the visualisation is way off.

    I see it day to day when I compare predictions with actual collected measurements from survey data. I sometimes go out to customer’s homes and measure the received levels and whether 2g or 3g is there to be used on several occasions. A phone shop will sell you a phone to get another sale notched up and say you should get 3g etc.

    Also most operators only add 3g to an existing site if it will recoup the financial outlay. There are not many 3g only sites out there, aside from 3’s network obviously as they rolled out a purely 3g network and then piggybacked on O2’s gsm network, now using Orange also.