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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Guy123, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys

    I'm TA, and as a civilian career I am a 3D illustrator.

    I've been thinking about joining the regs sometime in the future. And was struck by a thought - Could my 3D skills be put to use in the Army?

    I have previously worked with a colleague that was ex-Hereford, and had decided to become an artist because 'It was less stressful'. He told me that occasionally they would be briefed using a 3D model of an area/house that was of relevance to the objective. (presumably if they were given enough time to plan it. Apparently in Iraq, they were doing raids every night!)

    So my question is, who makes these 3D models? Presumably int-corps. Hence the post in this part of the forum. But could anyone else shed any light on this? Signals?

    Also, who maintains/develops new content for the VBS package? I've worked with that engine before.

  2. Don't know the answer, but my best guess would be that this would be an RE thing. Certainly few Int Corps types know their way around AutoCAD or Microstation, to say nothing at all of the 3D or georef stuff.
  3. How are you with chalk powder, ribbon, string, bits of various coloured card ect?
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  4. I'm ******* brilliant. I once made a Sherman tank out of A4 paper
  5. It's the RE Geo boys who look after this, some of the products they produce are very impressive indeed.

    As for VBS, PM Bruno NoMedals on this forum.
  6. Surely it should be The Artists Rifles?
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  7. Guy any muppet with half a brain using google sketchup and a bit of time ie a week can become proficient in this.

    no one is going to give you an answer on what Them use, if you work for a company looking to get a byline "as used by them" I would go elsewhere. If as I think you may be genuine hawking your skills to a specific regiment is not a good idea.

    Unfortunate thing about the army the people with the best skills, or knowledge never ever get used to their full potential. The army does not care about the individual skills of the man, but only the multiple of men to get the job done.


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  8. Dunno, I was mess wines member on many occasions & sampled to the best of my ability :wink:
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  9. Thats fair enough, I'd be joining as an officer so was under the impression any knowledge in my field may help. though however, from my experience of the TA (which are supposed to utilize peoples civilian skills Much more, according to the recruiting bumph) I am sadly in agreement with you, and was hoping someone would dispel this opinion.

    From what i have seen so far, it appears that anyone less than a General/Brig has no real input in the way things are done, or the choice of tech. Its a shame really but never the less, something to consider if I end up at Sandhurst after all this inner-reflection I've been indulging in recently.

    Thanks capability, and I will PM him when I get back from work, but before then - I heard that VBS content was made and delivered by a private company, does anyone know who this might be?
    AFAIK It is only 'maintained' by the Army, as the army can't afford the porn-star salaries us graphics artists rake in. ('us' being - everyone but me).
  10. Photosynth. Simples. Next question.
  11. Guy123, AFAIK the major mods to VBS have been made by Bohemia interactive themselves but I know some others have been made by different contractors and indeed MOD themselves. I believe the idea is that any modifications are fed into a central repository for the 'greater good' of defence, but I'm no expert. NoMedals will be able to give you chapter and verse.
  12. Yes upload sensitive imagery to a offshore site, using insecure data link, then recieve the imagery back via insecure link.

    Can not see any problem with that,

    not so simples
  13. Not quite. Use the technology on a dedicated and deployable server.
  14. I'd say that someone was taking the wee-wee. =-D

  15. Microsoft labs will not let that tech out of there sight, plus the render farm must be massive (unless its cloud computing).

    There is a alternate, costs a fortune and requires a dedicated artist to operate it. What that bloke will do for the 5 days of the week that he isnt working is beyond me, also its mentally demanding role. Also the army will not pay the associated rate of pay that a artist of this calibre requires, 45k p/a.

    I have a close friend that does this for some studio in London. Just got of the phone to him. In fact he was the one I emailed AK photo to and ripped apart.

    now to watch New Tricks, as my head is hurting from cloud computer WTF that is!