3D CAD modelling/Engineering/Rail/Design Position reqd

Anybody got any requirements in this line?

I have a considerable range and depth of experience from Rail to Civils, Mechanical Engineering (design and machine shop work) , CAD programming, CAD automation, site survey, remote sensing, design, research, product design & development. and so on.

Technical authoring, training manuals. Magazine articles,

Advanced Excel, Microstation CAD,

Go on, gis a job! :)
Same as me!

PM Inbound.

Edited to add - PM sent (outbox is currently mulling over what i've asked it to do! )

I've included a link which doesn't go to where i wanted. It's a "current vacancies list" but instead of being for the brum office, it's for the whole world!
I also have a small machine shop for development or jobbing engineering.

36" centre lathe.
Small surface grinder.
250A Mig
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