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Discussion in 'REME' started by toonman, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. hello, could be getting posted into 3bn reme soon. Was wandering if anyone could tell me if they plan on going on any op tours in the near future
  2. They are currently on pre deployment training at the moment.
  3. Op HERRICK for 6 months starting soon.
  4. Telic also, a month after Herrick deployment.

    Depends what company you get posted into, though it's likely to be 18 field coy as they're not deploying to either theatre.

    5 Armd coy - Herrick
    20 Armd coy - Telic
    18 Fd coy - rear party/other stuff

    also heard rumours about falklands and wrp end of '09
  5. I'm also posted to 3cs bn soon (LTA in april 09), going into 18 fd coy, anyone got any information on the company or about the area in general, I will be moving with my wife and son and already been advised to avoid detmold for housing, but my wife is currently working in the officers mess kitchen here at arborfield but would like to do something similar over there, therefore housing near the garrison would be ideal.
  6. Gingerslime,

    They should all be back by then so no worry about tours (apart from trawls). Paderborn/Sennelager is a good place to be in Germany, maybe the best in BAOR. Detmold is about 30 ish kms away from Pad/Sen and has many houses for pads. If you choose a flat i am sure you could be accomadated in Pad/Sen. Schools in area for kids and plenty of messes for the wife to work in (plenty of units in the surrounding areas, non in Detmold as far as I am aware). Hope this helps
  7. How old are you?

    BFG it is now mate :wink:
  8. Thats great sapere_aude, does anyone know anything about 18 fd coy though? What they do etc?
  9. They are currently doing PDt type stuff for the Op Coys, then onto fairly standard rear party jobs. ie Stagging on. I've heard rumors about a load of AT and sports stuff being done though.

    That said your posting might say 18 Field but you could end up in another company. Mine said 20 CS and here I am in 18!
  10. Same here! I was ment to be posted to 20 CS but my new order says that I will be part of 18! I rather be part of 20!
  11. gingerslime when did you get your posting order?
  12. I am in 18Fd currently. As has been mentioned previously we are the rear party Coy now and will be HQ Coy post tour.

    AT, man power, stags, MATTS, Ex and fun is what we are about!!

    We will be the Coy that will meet the WRP 08/09 bill. :twisted:

    Make it what you want......I asked to come back!
  13. This will sound stupid. But what is the WRP 08/09 bill?
  14. My posting order was received 7 October, LTA 15 April. I am going to get even more demanding here, but the wife is looking for photos of the local area so she knows what to expec when we get there, Google searches just keep giving the same pics, cathedral, town hall and a fountain. Does anyone know if there are any plans for the Bn next year? (Big exercises, tours, etc)
  15. BATUS Winter Repair 2008-2009 requirement. (Canada)