39th battalion

Anyone else seen it? One of the better films depicting Allied forces during WW2 and someone's done their homework on orders,slang weapons handing etc. A very tense film showing the difficulty experienced by jungle warfare.
Picked up a copy in SLB in November 2006, got to see it on the big screen last summer. The jungle onscreen was amazing, so if you have a really big telly its the way to watch it.

Gritty story, bayonet practice Jap style looks :censored: :censored:
This was made by recently graduated film makers using a cast of unknown actors on Mount Tambourine abut 30 kms from the Gold Coast and over the same ground that the Australian Army uses for jungle training. The Kokoda Track campaign and the troops who fought it are venerated in Australia for more than a few reasons:

* It was the closest the the Japanese ground forces came to mainland Australia
* It was a holding action fought by a single battalion of lightly armed Militia (Territorial) troops who were designated Home Only Service - prior to the action in comparison to the Regular Army fighting in the Middle East they were not well regarded by the general population
* The ground fought over was a 90 km long unmetalled track over mountainous and densely vegetated country with all supplies carried on packs by the troops themselves or indigenous porters affectionately known as fuzzy wuzzy angels
* It was the first land defeat suffered at the hands of the Allies by the Japanese during the war. Up until that stage they had encountered and defeated the UK in Malaya, the US in the Philippines and the Dutch in what is now Indonesia
* The good guys won

The film entitled Kokoda was released in Australia to general acclaim but with one or two reservation centering around the failure to show the small unit which is its focus bonding during training in Australia - the films starts on the Kokoda Track itself. I'll admit to being a war film buff and having thoroughly enjoyed it.

For those hardy individuals who may be interested it's still possible to walk the Kokoda Track - at a cost of AU$10,000 approx including guides and rations. The journey takes 8 - 9 days and apart from losing some unwanted inches around the waist you may risk something more - armed robbery by tooled-up Papuan thieves known as Rascals to whom the western concept of murder is unknown.


Aussies seem to make good war films provided that sycophantic sceptic isnt in the lead role!

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