39 Signal Regiment (volunteers)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by newguy, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has been to this unit and what its like, both on and off the job
  2. The Skinners are a good bunch, very social on weekends (and not in the tearing the arrse out of it on a jolly - sense).

    Training-wise, they have plenty of RDW's to fill yer boots, although spending too much time at Longmor, you will learn to pack Imodium to avoid long nights in the Karzi with the Longmor Squirts!!

    Out of interest, which Unit would you be thinking of joining?

    PM me if you want to know anything more specific mate.
  3. arent they all down to two squadrons now - 38.5 morelike.

  4. No - the only Regts down to 2 Sig Sqns are those with specialist CNR Sqns (36, & 39). But the CNR Sqns are twice the size of a UK Ops CS Sqn and each CNR Sqn has 3x TACs.

    Regts are all roughly the same size - the other Regts have RHQ + Sp Sqn + 3 x Sig Sqn

    I served in 39 and can vouch that they are a good TA Regt!
  5. creative accounting
  6. Sorry to dredge up a 7 year old thread, but does anyone have any current info on this unit; training weekends, adventure training, rgt culture etc
  7. They have a culture of BBQs and beer combined with weak TA officers.

    On the whole there are some decent blokes within the unit, it's just a shame that volunteers for operational tours were very low down on their list of priorities.
  8. According to their articles in the Wire, they get up to quite a bit.
  9. That description could apply equally to EVERY TA Sig Regt.
  10. Not accurate: 36 Sig Regt ceased to exist several years ago. The remaining Sig Regts range in number of Sabre Sqns and Sp Sqn widely.


    32 Sig Regt - 1 x RHQ / Sp Sqn, 4 x Sabre Sqns
    37 Sig Regt - 1 x RHQ / Sp Sqn, 3 x Sabre Sqns
    38 Sig Regt - 1 x RHQ / Sp Sqn, 4 x Sabre Sqns
    39 Sig Regt - 1 x RHQ / Sp Sqn, 3 x Sabre Sqns
    71 Sig Regt - 1 x RHQ / Sp Sqn, 2 x Sabre Sqns

    Not sure where you get your facts about a UK Ops CS Sqn being twice the size of a CNR Sqn, they are all
    of an establishment of around 120 personnel.

    Ditto about all CNR Sqns having three TACs, most have 1, some two, very very few have three; 68 Sqn in 71 Sig Regt being the probable exception.

    This will change very shortly with the Army Reserve Basing announcement I anticipate.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Do you think the intervening 7 years might have had something to do with his inaccuracies?
  12. Oh feck that will teach me not to read the date posted :-/ Pants.
  13. Not accurate: I'm sure you've got an MI Bn mixed in with that?


    Just kidding