39 signal regiment (Bristol)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by makaveli, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. Hello

    I am currently looking to join this regiment, im unsure as to its role as this is a uk ops regiment and im looking for answers to a couple of questions.

    1. What is the unit like and what is its role?

    2. does uk ops mean i would not go aboad on ops?

    3. does this unit make compulsory mobilization for combat operations in the middle east?

    If anyone could give me an insight i would be very greatful.
  2. Come on some one must know something about this regiment?

    Any info please!
  3. They are UK Ops, this means they are mainly equipped for support of the UK govt on internal issues, however they are still Royal Signals soldiers and do deploy overseas if thats what you want to do.

    There are large changes afoot within the Signals and many units, though not all, will be gaining new equipment and moving towards IT as well as radio comms.
  4. Cheers mate for the info, do you know if they deploy a lot to Afghan and how could these changes affect the unit i want to join?
  5. Makaveli,

    39 sigs will not deploy as a unit to Afghan, you would need to volunteer to go on ops and that is only if they are trawling for people with the right skill set, i know a few people who have got there name down to go its mainly a waiting game for the right slots to come up
    best thing to do is come and see us on a tuesday night to get the correct answers you are looking for
    any questions pm me