39 Regt RA LAD, Anyone Been?

Discussion in 'REME' started by mark1319, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi, first post on here. Used the search function and can't find any personal opinions.

    I'm posted to the above at the end of the year and just want to know the general view on the place. Is it good, bad? What are the RA guys like as they seam to get a bad name already from REME. What is GMLRS like to work on? I've been told it's all American, also I'm a tech. Any opinions are much appreciated.

  2. I take it you are class 2 or 3 at the moment? Meaning you have to go to SEAE or are there already. If so why not ask an instructor in the compound? SSgt Arty Systems or Land Systems ASM and they will let you know.

    Alternatively, why don't you contact the Wksp?

    Or, like all the other mongs you could ask a load of people you don't know on an internet forum!
  3. I'm a class 2 at the end of my first posting.

    I could and will contact the workshop in due course, but thought it might be worth asking on here for an unbiased opinion, but obviously it isn't.

    Cheers for the obvious answer and I'll revert from replying to your last piece of useless advice!
  4. The point Im making is that you don't know who is replying and adding their opinion on here. They could be being malicious or giving their opinion when they may have been in a completely different frame of mind to you. For example, single vm who's girlfriend in south of england may think the place is cack and say so quite rightly. Anonymity isn't always a great thing on here.

    Hope that makes sense. I'll see you no doubt when you start your equipment course....!
  5. See your point mate and how I might like it for the location alone as it's close to home will be the exact opposite from your example. :wink:

    Do you have any experience or knowledge of GMLRS as an equipment? Obviously with only one unit there is very few who've got any experience.

    It's got to be better than 6Bn!
  6. Was with the LAD many many etc etc years ago,first posting when they were in BAOR.Excellent time,the workshops were well looked after by the planks.
    They had M109's AND 110's with two of the batteries and the othet battery had swingfire mounted on spartans.(Think that's what they were.)

    We had two M578 tracked recovery vehicles,ace they were,fast as fcuk and great fun.

    Did an Op Banner tour attached to the battery as well,got on with the lads and got on with the job.

    Good luck.
  7. was with them in 99 01 and did three christmas guards because the planks liked to look after there own and we had a spineless OC who i got told was pretty much sacked later on, other than that we had a good laugh down the toon but was a bit bleek in winter and was expensive for the taxi ride back to camp. Its a long way round that airfield on a friday "FUN RUN" have fun .
  8. was there 97 to 98, bit in the middle of nowhere.

    U will need a car, Newcastle is good fun.
    As 4 the MLRS Techs do most of the work on it, so u will be bizzy.

    Lots of Techs and VM's so there maybe a them and us, but try not 2 join in with that.

    ASM's are mostly Techs as well so can have some funny idea's, just bare with it.

    It was a wksp when i was there so it may have a smaller man power.
    Speaking as a southerner i loved it.
  9. I'm actually there right now. So perhaps I could be of some help.

    As has been said, MLRS is a very tech-heavy piece of equipment. The Regiment is very busy, with battery's in Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada and constant exercises on Salisbury/Otterburn.
    I'm not joking, you don't sit down during the day, and it's not unusual to work well past scran. Your feet will not touch the floor. Just a warning.

    I don't mind the place. However, I'm a sad git who spends his time and (most) leave periods on whichever camp I'm currently posted to. Perhaps it's a better idea to warn you of the facts.

    Currently, I'd estimate around 11% of the WKSP have signed off, and plenty, plenty more are simply waiting until they have the opportunity. Whenever I ask about it they say that the posting was the last straw. Most people do dislike/detest it. Rather tellingly, this is a problem common to the Planks as well as the WKSP, and even the Geordies are desperate to get out.
    The accomodation is poor, I haven't seen or heard of central heating (on an old RAF base, on top of a hill, where the weather is bleak during the summer months) and my window won't open either.
    Oh, and there's rarely hot water for a shower, at a unit which performs compulsary PT every day.

    Oh, and you don't do one-off duties, when it's your turn for guard you do a minumum of a month, which consists of 4 day shifts, immediately followed by 4 night shifts, immediately followed by two days in the WKSP and . . . repeat.
    I know of people doing this for three months straight.

    The only AT takes place over your leave periods, so don't expect any breaks in the regime.

    The top corridor do their best to keep the WKSP away from the Plank bullshit, and generally do a good job.
    However, this is NOT a cavalry unit. The planks have no pride in their kit and generally don't give a flying shit about it. Unlike tankies, the crew won't stay with you while you work on a job, or stay if you work late. They **** off when they want to, leaving you to fix kit with no idea when (if at all) it'll be collected.

    The kit itself is American, no AESP's here matey. She's not a bad old girl to play with, can be hard work and temperamental, but plenty of character. I'm quite attached to it.

    There is no malicious Tech vs Vermin theme, apart from the odd character, but you get that anywhere. As a rule the lads on the shop floor are very, very good men, and I genuinely like the company. The SNCO's are also great as far as I'm concerned, the top corridor do their best. It's unfortunate that they can't do enough to make it more bearable for everyone, especially those who are committed to leaving, but in many respects their hands are tied.

    The WKSP takes great pride in beating the Artillery at everything, and I mean everything. It is the cream of the Regiment and is actually well respected by the Planks. The working relationship between the cap badges is quite friendly.
    The current ASM is also the fittest man in NATO and regularly thrashes everyone else during every PT session. In this respect he leads by example, which is sadly a rare thing nowadays. Top bloke as far as I'm concerned.

    That was all a bit random, but feel free to ask any questions, or PM me.

  10. Sheep's summed it up nicely - Its not changed much since my time there in 03-05 by the sounds of it.

    I enjoyed it but its not everyone's cup of tea.
  11. Cheers Sheepay for all the info.

    For me it doesn't sound too bad, all I've been doing at 6Bn is sweeping floors and getting fucked about so don't mind being kept busy as long as it's constructive. Although the guard shifts sound like a ball ache, but that's life in this job :)

    I'll be living in the pads, but if they're anything like the block I can see the wife having my balls on a string LOL. Saying that I'll probably do a short stint in the block before moving everything up there.

    Always wanted to work on MLRS since Phase 2 for some reason, don't know why it just looked interesting.

    I enjoy a good beasting so the PT sounds good to me :D

    My first day is 1st Dec so I'm sure I'll see you then mate before I get a nice long leave period over X-mas.

    I'll drop you a PM closer to the time mate and speak to you more. :thumleft:
  12. Good attitude my man, I like the place but I have no social life/social skills, so it isn't a problem for me.

    As for the duties, a new system has JUST been introduced, which will mean no more months of stagging on. Thank God.

    As with most places, it's what you make of it. Just enjoy it.
  13. Maybe you should try and practice what you preach.
  14. RA guys are top notch,dont you worry about them,you just do your job and they will keep you plenty busy trust me,work hard play harder. :D