39 Engr Regt move?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by buggrit, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. Hate to be the start of rumour or speculation (no I dont!) but was listening to the local radio (Moray Firth radio) and the local news said that 1000 soldiers from 39 were moving up here to Kinloss next summer. Can anyone from 39 put any truth to this? For a start when did an Engineer Regiment have 1000 blokes in it??If this is true, it'll be nice to be back amongst Sappers again, but welcome to the middle of nowhere! Any 39 guys need any local info, gimme a shout.
  2. As long as they take the Brewery Taps and the chip shop with them things won't be too traumatic !
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  3. Hopefully! The village pub is run by an ex RAF painter who gets upset if you talk loudly during a beer and the highlight of the week is the Sunday pub quiz that takes about 5 ******* hours. Get the Squadron bars built sharpish!
  4. The Herald

    MORE than 900 troops are to be transferred to RAF Kinloss next summer, two years earlier than had been expected.
    The Moray base was earmarked for closure as part of the UK Government’s defence review, but it won a late reprieve as a new Army barracks.
    The expectation had been that around 1200 troops would transfer from Germany to Kinloss by 2014. However, the Ministry of Defence will today announce that 39 Engineer Regiment (Air Support) will move from Waterbeach near Cambridge to the base in the summer of 2012.
    Meanwhile, 25 Engineer Regiment, also based at Waterbeach, will be disbanded and two of its squadrons – 34 Field Squadron and 53 Field Squadron – will become part of 39 Engineer Regiment and also move to the Moray base. Overall, this will result in 930 service personnel and their families transferring to Kinloss.
    Angus Robertson, the SNP leader at Westminster who is the local MP, said: “It is welcome that the Army will move to Kinloss. However, the base will have a considerably reduced number of personnel. It is worrying that numbers will be 41% down on the RAF unit establishment total at Kinloss.”
    It is expected a further announcement about more troops from elsewhere being transferred to the Moray site will be made at a later date.
    The move of troops from England to Scotland is part of the first tranche of 1800 service personnel being relocated to bases across the UK, which will include soldiers returning from Germany and Cyprus.
    RAF Leuchars in Fife is also to be turned into an Army base. Fort George in Inverness will remain as the Black Watch’s base, a new Army facility is to be built at Kirknewton near Edinburgh while Glencourse barracks at Penicuik will see extra investment. All of which will mean that a flexible multi-role brigade of 5000 to 6000 troops will eventually be based in Scotland.
    In the defence review, the UK Government announced its aim was to return half of its personnel based in Germany to the UK by 2015 and the remainder by 2020.
    The MoD says the changes will give greater stability to personnel and their families and will save it £250 million a year, while the recall of forces from Germany will contribute £650m a year to the UK economy.
  5. Scotsman

    ALMOST 1,000 troops are to be moved to the former RAF base at Kinloss next summer, two years earlier than expected, the Ministry of defence will announce today.
    The announcement is the first part of the MoD’s plans for rebasing an extra 3,000 troops in Scotland by 2020 as it withdraws 18,000 soldiers from Germany.
    The rise in the number of soldiers to a total of about 6,500 is part of attempts to increase the military footprint in Scotland and also make up for losses incurred by closing two RAF bases north of the Border.
    However, there were fears last night that the announcement means there will be a 40 per cent reduction in the number of personnel based at Kinloss.
    Today’s announcement will confirm 930 soldiers in 39 Engineer Regiment (Air Support) will move from Waterbeach near Cambridge to Kinloss in the summer of 2012.
    An MoD source said Kinloss could only expect “a few more” troops in the future with more being rebased at RAF Leuchars and other bases around Scotland, with the number expect to rise to 1,200.
    But SNP critics said that when Kinloss was an RAF base, it had a staffing level of 1,567.
    There was also some speculation that the decision to send the army earlier than expected to Kinloss was because a gap would be left in the Moray economy. The military footprint in Scotland is set to drop significantly, with Leuchars being closed as well before most of the new 3,000 soldiers arrive.
    An MoD source said: “The fact is that there are good facilities available at Kinloss, so the decision was that it would be appropriate to move 39 Engineer Regiment early.”
    Moray MP and SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said: “It is welcome that the army will move to Kinloss. However, the base will have a considerably reduced number of personnel.
    “Moray is the most defence-dependent constituency in the country and the local economy and community has suffered terribly because of MoD cuts.”
  6. Well! Thats good news for the area, might not be good news for most of the lads that have to move up here. It was only yesterday that we were getting dates of when the unit was closing its buildings and facilities.On a good note, as that article says, the facilities on camp are excellent.
  7. - Reckon they'll take 10 Sqn with them? its long been rumoured that they will return to 39! good news ireckon for all the jocks. think it will help retention for the lads from the North.
  8. Confirmed by the Station Commander up here by tannoy and e-mail. Great news for the camp and for the area. See all you 39 folks soon, and as I said, if any of you need any info, gimme a shout.
  9. Stock up the pubs!!
  10. Pub! Singular! The (Sh)Abbey Inn in Kinloss, our local village pub. It has a domino league, a darts and pool team, duty alcoholic pensioner mit scruffy dog. Any noise over normal conversational level will get a grumble and a rustle of the newspaper, but there is a pub quiz every Sunday that is more a marathon than a quiz. It's the highlight of the village!! Every Friday theres either a band or a DJ playing the latest bagpipe music and the duty horrors are taxied in from Forres. As I said, get the Squadron bars built fast! ;)
  11. Hope you don't mind a wifey on your board ;-)

    It's deffo happening, it's been known for a week but officially announced today, due to move by the summer!

    Buggrit if you could give me info on houses, schools etc that would be great :)
  12. here is the rest of the moves

  13. I'm informed by a friend that most of the quarters in Kinloss have been sold off so majority will be in Elgin, but don't quote me.

    Bit of stuff HERE Kinloss - PatchPedia
  14. Kinloss Primary School is just outside the wire between the base and one set of the married patch. By all accounts its a very good school. The local high school is in Forres and again its known as a very good high school, I'm going by the word of a couple of my lads who have kids at both schools.There's two married quarter patches, one inside the wire and one outside. Inside is Muirton Place and Doone Park which are the older quarters. Doone park are old officers quarters. Northside quarters are nicer, for one they are not inside the wire, and they are newer, all 3 bed and bigger.Kinloss is your typical "blink and you'll miss it" village. It has an overpriced Spar shop, a pub, an overpriced garage, a take away and thats about it. Theres a swimming pool in the singley accommodation area which is civilian run, nothing special but does the job. It also runs kids swimming lessons very cheap. The gym is very good and works on a swipe card system so you can use it 24 hours a day. This may obviously change when you lot take over.3 miles up the road is Findhorn village and the Foundation. Findhorn is a beautiful place right on the Moray Firth and is a nature sanctuary. The Foundation is an eco village thats all hippies and spiritualist if you like that sort of thing.The closest supermarket is in Forres 4 miles away which is Tesco's. Lossiemouth is 12 miles down the road, as is Elgin. Nairn is 11 miles in the other direction and Inverness about 20 miles. The airport is 16 miles away and now has flights to just about everywhere in the UK.For any surfers, Lossiemouth gets some good swells but about 20 miles along the coast is Sandend and Banff which get some amazing swells. Excuse the big block of writing, for some reason the work computer squashes everything together when i hit submit.
  15. WHOOP!!!