39 Engineer Regiment Wksp REME

Discussion in 'REME' started by Coiled_Spring, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. I'm due to be posted to 39 Engr Regt Wksp REME in June and was wondering if anybody who is/has served there can give me a heads up on the unit. Any impending tours etc would be useful.
  2. Check your Pm's mate.
  3. I have been there and did not enjoy Waterbeach at all, its in the middle of nowhere, where even the local shops are a hike away. Make sure you have got a car as you will need it.

    Apart from that the unit itself wasn't too bad, enjoy!!
  4. is every sodding Engr Regt on the move?! 25 are off to Waterbeach and 21 to Ripon, i presume this means 38 to antrim, so are 39 moving too?
  5. Are you frickin' serious?

    Theres a train station in Waterbeach which takes you into Cambridge or further into London. There are a couple of shops in t'village along with 3 pubs and Tesco is a 5 minute car ride away.

    I've served there and it was the best posting of my time. Infact, I'm trying to get posted back there but dont hold out much hope. Grab this posting with both hands, its infinately better than Tidworth/Bulford/Catterick.
  6. 39 are not going anywhere.
  7. I'm on the patch in Waterbeach - its not that bad - Theres a pub - the White Horse, much better than the one at the entrance to the barracks. Theres also a working mans club, you pay like £14 a year and beers well cheap - snooker and pool tables etc. Resident Paki shop and a One Stop....tesco's up the road. You have Cambridge 6 miles away and Ely 10 miles the other way. Cambridge nights out - Ballare - by far best nightclub in Cambs, up the road in Newmarket you have de niro's, if you wanna pull a little tart go there!! My blokes in 39 engineer REME workshop - They have a bar in the workshop which opens on a thursday night - cheap tinnys and always a giggle!! Its changed a little lately have they are a bit busy but its 10am start mondays, with pt to start with. Then wednesdays is 1/2 day, my bloke comes home about 2, thursday bar open 4.30pm and friday - half day. They have just done afghan, and a stint in the falklands and kenya, but don't think they are off anywhere soon.... wanna know anything else? just ask.... :thumleft:
  8. P.s Think there is a NI tour coming up....not sure who's going tho
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone, i think that i'll commute from Stowmarket most days so am not unduly concerned about the (lack of) facilities. I was just wondering what was on the horizon as far as tours go. I'll just have to blag the missus now about spending a few thursdays staying over "bonding" in the Wksp bar. There are no Crab & Sprocket type initiations are there?
  10. Just "The Helmet", but I'll let you find that one out for urself!!
  11. Hmmmmmm! I wonder how many pints it holds?
    Is it a just posted in or just posted out custom?
  12. I think that hat might just be a fcuk up hat, in one of the FRT's and not a workshop thing.
  13. It is more of a "you fucked up" you can do the helmet thing, though some poor squaddie had it the other week for leaving. It used to be real popular but certain guys left and it never really seems to make an appearance anymore.
    themaninthecorner - you in W'beach are u??
  14. Muddysmrs, check your pm's.
  15. I was there in 2000. All other workshops/units have paled in comparison, best posting I have ever had. Its all there, tours if you want, a drinking culture, loads of student chicks in the city, small village life, working hours the way it should be. Enjoy it mate, there aint many like it nowadays.