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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by boringdaddy, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. My relation ran away from home and joined the army under a different name his regimental number was 34068 and the name he enlisted as was W Kettell his real name was James Frederick Nutman. Acoording to family folk lore he served in athlone in the republic of ireland and went to france with the brigade at the start of the war. His daughter was supposed to have been born in indai. So any help in finding out anything would be really appreciated.

    is there anywhere where i can find his service record and if his daughter was born in india

    Thank you
  2. Two, possibly three, online services are worth a look:

    One and Two are Ancestry.co.uk (US-based and its records are - sadly - plagued by mis-spellings of names of both places and people), and FindMyPast.co.uk (UK based, much better than Ancestry for accuracy, but they offer access to some databases not on Ancestry, who also have data you can't reach through FindMyPast)

    Both the above offer a free 30 day membership - using FMP for £0.00 I was able very quickly to unravel the mystery of my Gt-Granddad's life from birth to death, as well as to discover that another Gt-ancestor not only served with the Scots Greys in the Crimea, but the database of service births shows that he also sprogged whilst garrisoned at the Curragh - so there ought to be a good chance you could find out about his daughter's birthplace.

    The 3rd resource is Forces-War-Records.co.uk, which I haven't yet used, which offers access to a different set of records, but I dunno how useful they are, tho'they have records of some sort that cover my service (1974-2003) and my brother (1979-90).

    Be warned that over half the stock of WW1 soldier's records (only accessible via Ancestry, I think) were destroyed by fire in the Blitz in WW2, but if he was in WW1, and you can't find a service record, don't forget to have a peep at pension records: if he got a WW1 pension, his record should have survived (stored in another bldg).

    If you are in or near Oxfordshire, their Library service gives free access to both Ancestry and FMP, and you don't need to be a Library member - just remember to have a memory stick to save your stuff on. Here in Bucks the Library service only gives you Ancestry, but my mate also uses Northampton's Mormon Church which give him free access to census and other records, but I don't know what databases they use, or if that service is available at other Mormon churches - you have to book in advance.

    Hope this helps.
  3. thank you very much
  4. Just found another one 20989 Gnr James Nutman
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    Here's his medal card;

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