389lb "lady" wins "human rights" fight for parking spot

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. Globe and Mail
    Only some of story quoted, follow link for the whole thing. I hope she dies horribly the horrible fat cow.
  2. Thought the natives over there club to death things with that much fat on there bones to see them through the winter(excepting Yank tourists of course!)?
  3. So 389 lbs is nearly 28 stone. So, even if she's 6' tall, she is still extremely obese! I despair of these cases. :roll:

    I reckon I've posted too many times already about locking the fridge, barricading the larder and making them jog uphll to the front door.

    Why's it in Current Affairs, News and Analysis, Crabby?
  4. Aye move to Naafi please.Then the sport can begin.
  5. Because I was being a cock and thought I was posting in the NAAFI. I hereby surrender myself to the nearest mong bashing squad.

    She's basically twice my weight. I'm 6 foot 1 and a bit overweight of present. I think they did exactly the right thing by making the fat fcuk walk more than 10m from her car to the lift. Maybe the local residents could break the lift, steal her car and then force her to walk everywhere - that'd sort the horrible thing out. That or burn her in winter as fuel. We're south of Quebec and were were below -20 last week - a fatty to throw on the fire would have been nice.
  6. Can you not wait til spring and stick a harpoon in it and sell it to the Japs? :twisted:
  7. She should be given the furthest parking slot from the door to give her some exercise.

    You see a lot of morbidly obese getting electric buggies and never walking, adding to the problem.
  8. That's because making them feel a bit sweaty and uncomfortable is akin to gassing endangered baby seals, and tantamount to genocide!

    Not that there's anything wrong in any of the above, you understand. We have plenty of potholes that could be handily filled by a bloated corpse or two.
  9. That's what happens when you have too much Poutine.

    Send her on rehab training with R22R that should sort her out.
  10. I don't know about giving her a closer parking space, I'm just interested to know what car has a fcuking seat that can accommodate such a huge beast. Also, does her car need an escort vehicle because of the abnormal load? :lol:

    As has previously been said, she should have been given the furthest parking space and banned from using the lift.

    The consolation for the other residents is that she'll drop dead from some fat related disease or another long before they pop their clogs.

    On a similar subject. I caught a couple of minutes of some program last night where there were four bloaters on the tv trying to lose weight. When they were tested, one of them had a body fat measurement of 58%. FFS she had a higher fat content than a Big Mac meal!!!! :pissedoff:

    Edited for mong spelling
  11. So, as a young, tall male, you are (at a guess) about 11-12 stone of higher density bone and muscle, with a thin, evenly-distributed coating of 2-3 stone of fat.

    She, as an old, (possibly short) female, would be about 7 stone of bone and muscle and around 21 stone of lower density fat. :omfg:
  12. Are you free later? If you're that good at massaging my ego I'd like to see what you can do to my cock... My wife flies out tomorrow for a week ;)
  13. Maybe if she stopped stuffing her cnuting face with every pie known to man she wouldn't be in such a state, people like her should be culled, scooped out and used as shelter for the homeless, or as a more lightweight tentage :x
  14. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Well, that will help the muscle density of your arms then...
  15. Leave the girl alone you animal's!
    She just likes her food surely?