386jc SME – Protected Mobility Capability


My client is a leading independent consultancy providing a range of technical services primarily but not exclusively for the defence and security sectors for a short term contract, based either at my clients offices or maybe at home.
The are now seeking support to the SUV IPT in developing tactical doctrine for the protected mobility capability.  The IPT is looking for a contractor to review and revise some of the existing tactical doctrine relating to the fleet of Protected Mobility Platforms and to generate doctrine from scratch for some of the new additions to the fleet.  The work will involve writing a number of papers on a variety of subjects including Light Forces doctrine, Protected Mobility doctrine, Fire Support Doctrine and will also involve producing CONEMP for various platforms.
They are looking to find an SO1 or SO2 (preferably an SO1) who has recently returned from Afghanistan and has a thorough understanding of current infantry capabilities and the TTPs that have evolved over recent months on operations.  You will also need to understand the fleet of Protected Mobility Platforms including MASTIFF and RIDGBACK, the Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV), SPRINGER and the quad bike.  Since you will be producing doctrinal notes and Concepts of Employment, therefore some knowledge and experience of doctrine-writing would be an advantage. 
The work must be complete by June 09 and will involve extensive interaction with both the IPT and D Inf and will need a minimum of SC Clearance.
For more information, please contact Jean-Claude Hedouin, at Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd on 0870 446 5627 or jc@ex-mil.co.uk or via the website www.ex-mil.co.uk  
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