38 years old and wanting to join 4 PARA

Hello All,

Planning to go back to the UK in 2019 where I'll be 39. Yes, on the old fart side of things when it comes to the military, but it's something I've always wanted to do and did the TA a few years back but couldn't complete due to a family issue. I have this last chance and want to make it right. I'm in fairly good shape and going to train my arse off to get to the standards required but what I would like to know if there are members here who are or were in their 40s or late 30s and joined 4 PARA. If so I would love to hear your experience. My respect to all those here who serve and have served. You are all the real heroes of today.


Hello mate

Just wondering wheter you applied and if so how are you getting on?. I've just started an application to join 4 PARA and I'm 38.

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