38 year old joiner

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by alexs, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Always wanted to join the marines but my wife changed my mind many years ago.
    Thing is, I getting the old feeling back, I know I can't contribute on the battlefield now but I'm hoping to help out in anyway I can.
    I'm a time severed joiner but can't see any placements on the site for TA's. I expect I'm far too old for the regular Army so I hope I can put my civi skills to some use on another level?
  2. Our lot has Privates and JNCOs in their early 40s who are deploying soon and are expecting to slot into a regular Bn. Get yourself down to your TA unit of choice and get started, you haven't passed it yet!
  3. You can join the French Foreign Legion until you are 45.....
  4. T-T, obviously they have changed it, in the '90s I went on their recruiting trailer at La Rochelle and was surprised to find that it was 45 (which meant I could still join if I wanted - I didn't). I must admit, though, I would not want to do such a demanding course in my mid 30s, let alone mid 40s. That said, I knew of a Navy surgeon commander who did the AACC at 40.
  5. Of course you can join and you will be expected to be able to contribute on the battlefield. However, don't call it the TA's. :)