38 (UKSC) Signal Regiment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Out with the old and in with the new.

    Welcome to all the southerners and jocks into the regiment, that even includes them weirdo's I took on trade camp :twisted:

    I've heard the new regimental flat cap hasn't been approved yet, the same also applies to 64 (PPY) Sig Sqn's new title (Pit Pony). I've heard 46 Sup Sqn are scouring the Dales for a new mascot but the sheep are worried and run away.

    New regt website is up and running, although it seems to be missing a Sqn


    Maybe they're a bit special (just like QOOH)
  2. No shite Sherlock
  3. We could have a whippet as a mascot.

    "On Ilkley moor bah taht !"
  4. Can't have heathens singing that!!
  5. Wrong. Most of Derby's joining a regiment that isn't full of mongs and biffs :twisted:

  6. There are two seperate statements in polars post, which one is wrong ?
  7. I don't think either was. They had to change the sheep painted on their trucks to bears as it lead to some unfortunate problems, especially when the truck was still warm.....
  8. Thanks for the welcome mate.

    Does that mean we also have to start talking shi'ite on the net too to fit in? ;o)
  9. Be a novelty actually talking on a radio net !
  10. I meant talking shi'ite on the t'internet, not the radio net ;o)
  11. Does your unit have one of those giant balloons ?
  12. How did you manage to guess? Tis a secret :wink:
  13. Yep a secret, wasn't it a pair though........tres fantastique, non? la balloon est magnifique

  14. I mean, that really goes without saying. We were Winston Churchills Favourites after all! :)
  15. Our role involves providing Information Communication Systems to the emergency services and local government in an emergency. In recent years the Brigade has been involved in the Firemen's strikes (OP FRESCO), floods, foot and mouth and the fuel crisis, with members of the regiment involved in a number of these.

    Have you done anything this decade apart from P!ssing it up. :wink:
    Seriously though I can't see a role for you. Your not realy needed with all the emergency services using Airwave.