38 Sigs Regt

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Iceberg, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Anyone had any dealings with them, worked with them recently I find they are so far up their own arrse its unbelievable.
  2. The whole regiment? Jeeze you must have spent ages working with them all to get that idea. Perhaps it was just one or two people that jaded your view.
  3. Maybe they all took a disliking to you which really should tell you something about yourself. Unless you have any specific examples.
  4. obvious attempt to bait people.
  5. Iceberg? like a lettuce? more of a cabbage I'd say
  6. No, I'm with berg. I've known a slack handful of people from up there in positions of authority who would definitely be referred to as 'acquitances'. Not necessarily arrogant, but definitely not the sort of people you would choose to work with. But I take issue with the 'northerners' bit. Those I've known were just cnuts, nothing to do with being northerners.

    I do also have one very good friend up there though.
  7. Iceberg it would be interesting to hear if your dealing were with the regulars or TA members of the Regiment ? :?: :?: :?:

  8. Notice no one from 38 have defended themselves, not that they need to do. The jealousy is so welcoming

    but Iceberg, just stick to browsing u f'ing lettuce
  9. 38 Sigs seems ok to me.

    Dont you get people up their own arses everywhere? 98% of peeps i know in 38 are good Guys and Gals.

    Treat people the way u want to be treated is my moto.
  10. Yep, 38 seem to have good reputation. Quite a few of my old unit used to go on about 38 probably being one of the best TA Sigs.
    They have ran quite of few of the 'guicci kit' projects recently so I suppose a little bit of jealousy may have crept in.

    But if the rumours about another project returning (clue: Horsebox and IS), would they want that?
  11. What have scalelybacks got to be arrogant about ?Gourmet pies ?
  12. Having more infantry experience than its neighbouring Inf Bn's :lol: That was true just after SDR not sure about it now :(
  13. Now, call me cynical... but did you make that statistic up? Where's the empirical evidence? Who put the survey together?

    Was it the same people who said that 80% of women prefer men who haven't showered for two days and wear the same pants for the whole w/e (sadly my ex was in that 20%).
  14. [Oh dear Iceberg, someone really has got to you haven't they. It's a pity that you are reacting to it via an anonamous site. Have you ever tried speaking to the person who has upset you? No - I thought not!!
  15. I'm in 38 Sigs Mr Iceberg and thanks for announcing that im an arrogant tw*t! Slagging us off from afar only underlines the fact your a rather sparse individual with the moral fibre of a frozen lettuce