38 Sigs or 34 Northern Sigs?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by PacMan, Sep 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi..I live in Barnsley and just found this site. Am interested in joining the TA and like the idea of using computers and radio's and stuff with the royal signals.
    It tturns out am between two royal signals platoons. These are 38signals in sheffield and 34 northen squadron in leedds. I know 38 sigs platoon help out the emergency services and stuff and the 34 northen web page says they are part of the NATO rapid reaction force so what I wanteed to know was woould my job be different if I was in one rather than the other or would it be the same job, I want to be a comms operator.
    Also, I went on a TA near me website and it was funny cos the bit about 34 northern regiment siad they have old rubbish kit and advised anyone thinking of joining to join 38 Sigs instead which I thought was funny but didn't want to tell them this when i visit them incase they think am taking the piss. Leeds would be easier for me cos I work there too. Hope someone can explain thge difference. Thanks
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Go along to both and then make up your mind.

  3. I dont care where you go, but if you want to be an operator please learn to use spell check!
  4. 49 Sig Sqn @ Leeds is one of the best sub units in the country - maybe the best, but if your interested in modern comms/radios/computers - 64 Sig Sqn @ Sheffield/Nottingham is your answer
  5. I wonder who wrote that.......

    Yes they have old kit but as I mentioned earlier the guys and girls @ Leeds/Hull are great. Any negative comments you may see on this site come from Leeds/Hull being isolated from the main part of the regiment, so when you get to SNCO/officer levels you find you need to travel (70 miles+), I took the easy option and transferred to 38 Sigs (30 miles+).

    I'd go for whatever is easiest for you, join 49 or join the ex-49 mafia (even if they are now wrong side of t'hills).
  6. Come along to Carlton barracks on a Tuesday evening, the recruiting staff there are great. I'm in 34 and can't recommend it highly enough, morale is high and we are full of optimism for the future. PM me for any questions
  7. I signed up for 34 tonight, and I agree, the recruiting staff were great and very helpful.
  8. But your a traitor in our ranks, your troop was the basis for 50 Sig Sqn.
  9. Nice one, welcome to the asylum
  10. Cheers Polar.

    Should hopefully be doing my medical next Tuesday or Wednesday, and then it's onto the selection weekend on the 15th! :)