38 Signal Regiment Annual Camp

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by southern_softy, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Did anyone who attended 38 Signal Regiment camp this year notice the amount of unfit and very over weight soldiers? from what I have been told in one squadron alone there are 27 people who are P7. Surely this lack of fitness cannot be sustained in this newly formed Regiment?
  2. TA unfit, you're kidding me?
  3. C'est la vie
  4. Don't even get me started!
  5. So which Sqn is this?? Surely in the modern TA, it's primary role is to provide soldiers for ops.

    I am aware of of a number of techs / FofS leaving within the last 3 months or so.... not sure if I'm surprised they had 3 TA FofS to start with and/or they have all left.

    My eldest is thinking of joining the TA and I would have suggested RSigs but .....
  6. No way. Next you'll be telling us they're shit at trade. unglaublich.

  7. Apparently the fittest in the unit are the women.
  8. Don't slate the TA mate, it will earn you an O2 tag.

    I am pleased to note that my sentiments on the TA being rotund ***** holds true.
  9. 1 Sqn has plenty of fit individuals, including a couple of 8-min PFT times, and most of the Regt Lanyard Trophy team (the first time 38 has completed the event). We also do two tabbing sessions each week in our own time. Whilst I'm sure there are a few unfit people in the Sqn, we do take pride in our collective fitness.
  10. Nope, not any more. It used to be an independent combined (Regular and TA) sqn, but now it's completely TA. It split during the last year, and the Regular element formed 299 (SC) Sqn.
  11. 38 Sigs you've having a laugh. They spend there budget going to france on the piss( 4 days on a battlefield tour) They deploy on ex in a white fleet removal van. However they do have a rather nice balloon. Fred Karno's army at its best.What a paid hobby, oh the good old days. TA mate is still alive.
  12. I have some sympathy for 38's predicament - I had to look into the component sqns (which became 38 Sigs) a couple of years ago and was fully briefed in on their various roles as they stood then (and I don't think much has changed bar the 'regularisation' issue). The units sub squadrons war role is utterly criticial, but to get to the point where the unit is required to exercise that role requires a major shift in the current climate. The challenge the unit has is to work out how to retain people and skills and motivation while simaltaneously accepting (hoping?) it never has to do its war role for real.

    I have little time for the concept of 2(NC) Bde, and strongly felt it was an organisation without a credible post cold war mission. I was very pleased organisationally (although gutted for the affected individuals) when time was called on the UK Ops role. That said, I think the elements of 38 Sigs that do these roles are utterly critical and it is likely to be one of the few TA units to survive SDSR unscathed.
  13. If they didn't notice, they must be blind! There again, the regiment probably holds a quota of blind buggers. Where do the uniforms for the oversized come from? If a professional army stocks uniforms in these sizes.....................say no more!
  14. Fat TA signallers? You forgot to add that most find doing a CFT 4-6 with 15kgs challenging. Truly pathetic. So not only are they fat they are lazy unfit ******* aswell.
  15. Why? Plans for (2 Sig Bde) trade training seemed perfectly fine to me plus Bde plans for BOWMAN training also fine (either the weekend BOWMAN lite or 1 week package). Although I've not seen the results yet, maybe a tiny hint as I mentioned in a previous thread.