38 MSS (possibly) part of 9 supply Regt is it AMS?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Cardinal, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. or RLC? I expect to start an FTRS post with them sometime soon, they wanted a pharmacy tech but got me instead.

    Based in Hullavington somewhere near Chippenham.

    Regards Cardinal
  2. Im sure its RLC
  3. The Med Supply Sqn in 9 Supply Regt is called 84 MSS and is RLC led with some RAMC specialists in the Sqn. The other Med Sup Sqn in the Army is TA (I've forgot the number).
  4. I am going up for a two day look around this week. Is (or did it used to be)the TA version 381 Fmed ??

    Hullavington an easy place to find??

  5. 381 Med Supply Sqn was formerly a part of 2nd Medical Brigade. However, with effect from 1 Apr 06 it has been dissolved pending a re-establishment of the Sqn under the care of (I believe) 9 Supply Regt RLC.

    I am vaguely aware that CVHQ RLC are in the process of working out how to effectively re-engineer the sqn before 1 Apr 07.

  6. Its a very easy place to find, and being in the MSS will mean you wouldnt be in Hullavington much, with exercises and deployments you will probably be in camp 6 months in a 3 year tour, which in my experience was a blessing!! :twisted:
  7. OPTAG, Courses, pre deployment training and Herrick in January. All that and I have not even started yet.

    Hullavington is an easy place to find as you say, but a crappy one to get to 62 miles of the A350, it has to be the worlds slowest road.

    Thanks for the info.
  8. Are you RLC or RAMC??
  9. I am a TA CMT1 doing a FTRS (when Glasgow sort its stuff out). They wanted a Pharmacy Tech but got me instead because I have done the BDSS course.

    Its surprisingly difficult to get an FTRS place as a SNCO in the AMS. Other parts of the army are great and pretty much work on the basis of the more the merrier but the AMS is different.

    Last year I was doing mobilised service and as it drew to an end I phoned Glasgow MCM Div to ask about FTRS posts in the AMS. i spoke to a male officer who was very dismissive and anti TA.

    He used comments like "Waste of Space" "Ruining the career progression of proper soldiers" (That last comment in relation to SNCO's undertaking FTRS/Mobilisation).

    Fortunately the female officer I have been speaking to recently is much more enlightened.

    What I would really like is to go to an RAP of a line unit or a medical unit in my trade but I suppose this is as close as I am going to get.

  10. How long ago did you do the BDSS course??

    Also expect to be treated as second-class at 84, all the RAMC are!! :roll:
  11. Years ago, 98 I think, before they moved from Aldershot. I have to do the course again at Fort Blockhouse but its only a short one.

    Yes I got that impression of RAMC not being held in high regard, by the OC at least.

    Given a choice I would like something else, like the field Hospital at Fort Blockhouse or a unit in Aldershot, Tidworth or Bulford (even Cdo Logs Med Sqdn), but the AMS being what it is it seems I dont have much choice, its either this drop to Cpl and work in the MRS in Bovington (with cavalry types!) or go to RTMC on an HC post, not much of a choice really.

    I want FC since I want to deploy so this appears to be my one and only choice.

    Good job the rest of the army is a bit more accommodating, Inf, RLC, Int infact pretty much everyone bends over backwards to get their guys a job if they want one. AMS is somewhat different.

  12. The course has changed considerably and I suggest you contact them to do the course ASAP as handling blood will be part and parcel of your job there!!! if you want numbers, PM me!
  13. towards the end of October. Will check during the week and confirm this and PM you as required.

    Were you with 84 in the past?

    Thanks again,
  14. Thankfully no and never will :twisted: