38 Engrs

Posted to 38 next year, just looking for a bit of info about the unit (good or bad) just the usual stuff,
What the workshops like,
what the block is like (Z type?),
The local area,
Or any other info anyone has.
Cheers in advance.
You'll probably end up in Antrim,nice place with a few perks for being in NI. Accm not bad though not Z type. they have the flatlets with kitchen for SLA and the mess accomm is about twice as big as the Bordon rabbit hutches. phone lines etc arent a problem and there is a tescos 10 minute walk away with Bfast a 25 min cabby away.

the airport is about 10 mins in a car (six quid by bridge taxis) with easyjet routes flying in and out, book early is the top tip and beast the hand luggage!!

I believe they are leaving Ripon marchish onwards (unconfirmed) leaving a stay behaind party to bring in 21 engrs from traz.

dont know owt about the unit, but engrs on the whole are a good bunch to work with.
Blazing_spanners said:
might be goin to Ripon when 21 move in any gen on the place?
Its so good I bought a house there.

Only around 23 pubs and 2 nightclubs (if you can call them that).
But Harrogate is only 12 miles away a very good night out.
It also has a grammar school, if your children (if you have any) are around that age, GET THEM IN THERE, as the comp is totally crap, it has all the people who do not get into the grammar there.
Not been to Ripon for a decade but was an excellent posting. Infant and Junior schools about 10-15 minutes walk from the patch and senior school on the way down. The town is good as said already plenty of pubs round the market carpark and was a couple of nightclubs (one called SLY's if I remember right).
If a singlie I believe its PAYD now in camp and the workshop was very good, There was a Cpl's mess there as well as Sgts and officers. Your only 5 minutes off the A1.

Great place but i 21 are anything like 38 there were lots of tours.
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