38 Engineers, Ripon

Just been posted to 38 Engr Regt, Ripon. Looking for advice on unit and location, etc. Many thanks.
Good unit by all accounts and location if you're a northerner and like 'chips and graavvvy'
People i know who have been there have loved it.
Don't know the unit at all but being a 'Northern Monkey' and having done a few courses there I know the location well. Just on the outskirts of Ripon which is a fairly decent night on the piass as long as you don't mind the odd scrap with the pikey locals. Fancy going further afield, Harrogate is spot on although a little pricey and of course you have York and Leeds just down the A1.

As a bonus, the camp itself is about 5 miles from Masham, the home of 'Black Sheep' bitter which is a cracking pint. Might want to earn yourself some brownie points when you arrive in your unit and organise a brewery tour for the lads.
Excellent Wksps when I was there in the mid 90's, know a few people there at the moment. Ripon itself is a small town but plenty of shops for the missus if your married and a hand full of pubs and small night club and bigger club (Sly's if I remember right).
Its Claro Bks and the fat badges are a good bunch with a lot of plant kit to work on. Spent quite a bit away on tours etc whilst I was there and they had both Cpl's and Sgt Mess there. Supposedly the camps been done up a bit now and I believe Pay as you Starve has come in. Also got an Airborne sqn (51).

Lucky barsteward I wouldnt of minded going back there for my last few years.

Edited to say you will need to purchase a dress as its part of your kit when you go on tours :wink:
excellent unit spent 4 years there 2001-2005 all with 11 sqn fitters lad is centralised but you deploy with and only work on your own squadrons kit

regt is very busy 2 tours of kenya telic 1,2,3 various sqns on various telics but it was all hands to pump to fully man

batus and sailsbury all time

however dont want to put to much of a downer on your posting regt is due to move to antrim in mar 2008 as part of 19 bde move

ripon itsel is class and i enjoyed the time immensley one of best postings ive had

in fact so much ive managed to bag myself another engrs posting off to 32 in january lol
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