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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by L111FSH, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,

    I have recently completed my basic VM(B) course, BCCS and am currently working through the varius stages of my driver training. I am soon to be posted to 38 Royal Engineer Reg in Northern Ireland.

    This is just a quick question to anyone there now, just come away from, or also heading to this reg for any info they can offer:

    I am going to be heading out there as married un accompanied (numerous reasons, would take a while to post them all) and I was wondering what are the working hours for weekends? How easy is transport to find to get back to mainland UK? I am hoping to get home as often as possible, are there any others in a similar situation and what have they found to be an aid? I will be ringing the relevant people shortly but its always nice to get a ground view. Whats the camp like from those posted there? Local amineties any good?

    Please forgive any mong grammar / spelling but there are a million things going through my mind with this.

    Cheers to all in advance for any replies, I shall undoubtedly be asking more soon.
  2. WAH!

    What does REME stand for?
  3. Royal Engineers Made Easy

    and it's spelt ENGINEERS

    Why can't he be attached as REME anyway?
  4. [Wah shield on]

    He can - the point was that he spelt part of the name of his own corps wrong. Which is worrying.

    [Wah shield off]
  5. So that either appears the RE make anything unnecessarily difficult, OR struggle with tasks that the REME do easily, either way the jokes on you.
  6. It's like Peter & Jane books Dingerr, they make reading easy for small children and mongs. Doesn't mean normal books are unnecessarily difficult!

    Coming from the Rather Large Corps it just sounds bitter and green eyed! ;-)

    It takes a great deal of intelligence to dig a hole you know ! If it didn't, they'd have let Pioneers do it.............................. oh they did, didn't they!

  7. I was only making an observation.

    RLC for now, it's only a matter of time before the RE are blessed with the flaming ********. At least then you'll all have someone to look up to. 8-O
  8. The wheel is revolving, is the RLC not an amalgamation of many badges originally evolved from the RE's ( not bragging of course !)

    Anyway, back on course, clearly spelling is not on the VM syllabus?
  9. Mayo - nah, the ordnance used to own you lot,
    The National Archives | The Catalogue | Research Guides
    and we have had baggage trains since Roman times.

    But it is nice to see a new Corps doing so well - but do not be too proud - it is all your fault that the RAF and the Signals exist.
  10. I prefer my version! :)
  11. Uh Ur, now youve gone and done it :-D

    Sssssssssssshhhh, don't mention the War ^_~
  12. Oh bugger.

    My apologies for the major mong spelling, I hope it has not offended anyone as no disrespect was intended. If there is a way to change the title I will before a full on flame starts. Yes, there is a section dealing with basic English language on the foundation section of the course, it was just an albeit repeated, mistake

    Back on target though, is there anyone who is serving at 38 who can give advice on the accommodation, weekend timings, etc..
  13. Oh cack, the title cannot be changed. Please go easy.
  14. Don't worry, you'll only upset a few of them, as only a very small percentage can read.
  15. If memory serves me well; 38 Engr are at Masserene Bks., Antrim on the banks of Lough Neigh[sp].
    Antrims not a bad town (had a MQ there). Ballymena not far and better for shopping or at least it was.
    BIA is your nearest airport but for cheaper flights maybe Belfast City as was, closest port is Larne for Jockland or Belfast for Liverpool.
    Left NI in 94 so its a bit blurry now a days.