38 (Berlin) Field Squadron

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Russell_Sprout, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. After watching the Nuremburg trials on Beeb2 last night about Hess, i started doing a google search for Smuts barracks and Spandau prison to see if i could dig up anything about my old haunt 1991-94. I found several German newspaper reports of a recent 'Freedom of Spandau' parade for the R.E's in September 06. Having been out of the Corps for a few years now, does anyone know what it was all about? or any ex Berlin sappers on the forum?
  2. i served at smuts also until we disbanded in 1994 & i was sent back to 35 in hameln.

    i was in the section that took the "wall" back to the corps museum & have a picture from that also.

    i still have a copy of the garrison magazine from when we disbanded & also the farewell programme that was made for that event.


    although "sticky" seems to be missing off the oc's list :? :? :? :?
  3. Blimey, I also went on that trip to take the snakes head part of the wall back to Chatham, collected the same Sapper and Berlin Bulletin issues and scan the farewell parade picture in the museum on each visit to rekindle the memoirs, Great days.....

    Tim Taylor.
    Berlin Spr 91-94
  4. I left 38 last year. It reformed as an HQ Sqn in 2000 as part of 26 Engr Regt.
    Here is the history:
    38 Field Company was raised on the 1st April 1861 for service in the Crimean war and later served throughout the Boar War; this was followed by garrison duties in southern Ireland. During the Great War the company saw service in both France and Macedonia, returning to southern Ireland for the inter war years.

    During the Second World War the company was one of the first units to deploy with the British Expeditionary Force and withdrew through Dunkirk. Thereafter it saw service in Madagascar, India and later taking part in the Sicily landings and the Anzia breakout.

    After the war the company was stationed in West Germany as part of 23 Field Engineer Regiment when in 1957 it was amalgamated with the RE Troops Berlin to become 38 (Berlin) Field Squadron Royal Engineers. The Squadron remained in Berlin providing engineer support to the Berlin Brigade until 1994 when it was disbanded as part of options for change.

    38 Headquarters Squadron Royal Engineers reformed as part of 26 Engineer Regiment on 1st April 2000. In August of the same year the Squadron had embarked on a 6 month operational tour on Op AGRICOLA 4 in Kosovo.

    On return from Kosovo the Squadron busied itself in preparations for the reformation parade which took place at Larkhill on 5th May 2001. For the following 2 months the Squadron virtually lived in the field on numerous exercises in preparation for Ex IRON ANVIL in BATUS, Canada.

    Once back in UK the Squadron moved to Corunna Barracks, Ludgershall in 2002. A composite troop from the Squadron deployed to Kenya on Ex GRAND PRIX and a small detachment was sent to the Falkland Islands as part of the Royal Engineers Maintenance Team.

    As Easter approached so did another operational tour, this time to Afghanistan from May – Jul here the Squadron provided Engineer Support to the International Security and Assistance Force in Kabul.

    In Oct 2002 the Squadron deployed on a 6 month operational tour to Kosovo, ending in Apr 2003. A period of relative calm then followed. In Apr 2005 the Squadron was again on operations this time to Op TELIC 6 in Iraq, the Squadron returned in Nov 05.

    On 01 April 2006 the Squadron re-roled as a Headquarters and Support Squadron.
  5. i know who you are & your sister married a mate of mine from tidworth as i remember.
  6. I was 38(Berlin) from 1978-1980 ... but that may be a bit before your time mate :oops:
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  7. Ahhh...Sticky...what an officer...mad as a hatter but didn't half know his stuff :D from what he told me he took you 38 guys on a few good battlefield tours.....his name should be on that list of O.C's...deffo! :wink:
  8. we did do a few battlefield tours & yes he was barking.

    i saw him a few years after we had disbanded & he remembered me straight away & was on about having re-unions but i have heard nothing so far.

    the old qm "grumpy geoff" is on as our last oc & there is no mention of "sticky".

    believe he is a half-colonel somewhere now flying a desk, top man.
  9. going back to the Berlin parade, i can confirm that about 60 blokes from 32 went across to Berlin to lay a Memorial stone at the site of the old barracks, then they paraded through the streets with bayonets fixed and band playing etc.......................then the lads had 3 days to sample the local "life"!!!!!

    I am currently at 32 myself.
  10. Thats another badge i recognise, i only had two postings with the RE's, Berlin and 31 AES, 32 Armd at sunny Hohne 94-97. Wished i'd known about it as i would have gone over. Last time i checked Ryan air were doing a return ticket for 30 quid, cant grumble at that. Is the old Hilton block a hotel now?? i read on the tankie site i think, that people have managed to stay in their old rooms.

    As for sticky and grumpy Geoff, If any two characters have stuck with me it's them pair, Sticky for his over sized Iron crosses with oak leaves and swords that he presented for various things and Maj Geoff when he said to me once 'Sapper Sprout, you lot have it far too easy, when i was in training my NCO's had just got back from f%$king Arnhem!!!!' how i laughed.....
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  11. Last I heard of Sticky he was SO1 Cadets at Land. That was a couple of years ago. No idea if he is still in.
  12. Russel Sprout: I was in Berlin from 81-84 then 87-91 although not a working number in good old 38, I was a Clerk of Jerks with the good old PSA ( the biggest waste of taxpayers money ever invented). The 2nd time around I was at RAF Gatow although came under the admin of 38 and on both ocassions spent many a good night (and following day) in the WO's and Sgt's mess. Actually went into the prison and saw old rudolf through his cell slot. It was a sod if you lived in Dickinsweg MQ's and he went sick, all the allied Military police and german police sealed the area off tighter than a ducks arrse and if you were visiting the BMH it was like trying to get into the SIS offices in the Olympic Stadium Complex. Definately curtailed the old drink and drive ( as if we did )
  13. I was in Berlin,for a dshort trip,in the early 70's(not in a sapper role).While there I heard that a certain Lt W.........n,RE,who lived in a shared mess with the Cav,managed to help to burn the mess down.It appears that the fire picket was regularly called out,when there was no fire,and when a real one took place,the fire picket told the mess to ''F... Off!''Next saw the said Lt ,now Capt RE,in Dhofar,just after he was shot in the arrse(passing shot left to right).Last heard of,he was running the LMCC at Ramadi for Aegis.Clearly just one in a whole repertoire of 38 'characters!'
  14. Here are a couple of photos from the parade in Spandau

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  15. Here are a couple of photos from the parade in Spandau

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