376jc Ground Station Software Development Eng


My client was established in 2002 as a high-technology research and development company, developing low-cost, flexible search and surveillance unmanned aerial vehicles (UVA) for military, homeland security, policing, disaster relief and environmental monitoring. The UAV’s would be rugged, immediately deployable and could be launched vertically from a ground, ship or even a moving vehicle.
They are now looking for a Ground Station Software Development Engineer to assist them in their primary goad of the development of 3VTOL UAV technology Demonstrators for the UK MoD within a 12 month project timeframe.
The important tasks within this role are the development of a robust, easy-to-use and operate, graphically based ground station capability running on a laptop PC. The ground station application will be written in C++, using Microsoft Visual Studio, as well as using Microsoft ESP and Google Earth or equivalent. This development work may be done in conjunction with one of the world’s foremost software development organisations. The initial work will be focused around completing the market research and analysis of product requirements to finalise the design specification. Following on from this will be a software ‘bread boarding’ stage to evaluate and test out the user interface. Once this has been completed, integration of the UAV’s full telemetry display, gauges and dials will be required, including integrated streamed, real-time video display as well as 3D flight path display using Microsoft ESP and Virtual Earth.
All team members will be required to produce consistent, high quality documentation, develop and adhere to rigorous test procedures, working to company and MoD standards and will be also become important members of the flight trials team at the back end of this exciting development programme.
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