37 Year Service SAS Veteran

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Any more details yet?
I've cancelled my morning phys and cleared the rest of the diary.
I'm taking nipper to the park so can someone text me any updates.
Fuck this is exciting, anyone else getting butterflies?


So your mum has died and this chap is still alive? Why bother?

If he did 37 years and you've known him for 25 was he still in when you first met him?

If not then assume joins at 18, does 37 years which means if you met him straight after he left he'd be 55 plus the 25 years you've known him, he's now 80.

Better get cracking before he karks it from old age.

(Am I overthinking this?)


It's not this Walt is it - he's got form?
Is it too early to ask the OP if this is going as he/she expected.

I have to tax my car in August....
Hello all, been waiting 25 years to out my bull-shitter father in law. The reason I've waited so long is because my mother loved and believed this conman. She passed away last night so now I feel I can introduce you to one of the best Walts that ever had the cheek to walk this earth. Please hold tight because I'm in a daze at the moment as I've just lost my mum but I'll be back to update this thread for you as soon as I'm ready. This prick is a prize catch for you - trust me! See you soon.
He’s gen

Sorry to hear about your mum, but before she’s even cooled down you race on here to post some wibble about someone we wouldn’t give a shiny shite about who’s supposedly walting?
Care to show us on the dolly where you were touched?
RIP your mum, sorry to hear, but focus on supporting her for now eh?
supporting her? Isn't she a bit, well, dead? just prop her up by the door until rigor mortis sets in.
But they did... here's the one I was awarded:

View attachment 489612

I got two medals at the RASS, long story short nobody was taking their dogs round the canine assault course, I went through dressed as a clown to encourage others.

I also ended up working on the old Dennis fire engine (still dressed as a ******* clown) as one of the two RAF lightweight mincers who was supposed to be on it was too ill* to turn up.

*hungover the screaming poof, he should have still been drinking at 9 am
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