37 Year Service SAS Veteran

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It's such a pity you skipped the replies, you might have noticed nobody gives a rat's arse.
Speak for yourself , I've cancelled meetings and ignored my family for the last few weeks.
Just been sitting here refreshing my phone every 10 seconds hoping he would post an update.
So you tell us a yarn, then decamp & expect us all to be nice to you while we wait for more snippets?
The ACF was too much for you?
I'm sure I can force a cadets and sex joke in here somehow....
Hello all, been waiting 25 years to out my bull-shitter father in law. The reason I've waited so long is because my mother loved and believed this conman. She passed away last night so now I feel I can introduce you to one of the best Walts that ever had the cheek to walk this earth. Please hold tight because I'm in a daze at the moment as I've just lost my mum but I'll be back to update this thread for you as soon as I'm ready. This prick is a prize catch for you - trust me! See you soon.
Posted 14th July
Just checked ....
Not quite , but close enough
Had she been engaged the wealthy Earl or the wicked land owner who beat his servants and evicted his tenants at Christmas, yet fell for the rugged good looks and empathetic charm of her brother-in-law and his tight buckskins?

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With this shower of a government in office ?
Not bloody likely ......


War Hero
Does anyone really care who what or if, cos I certainly don't, there is a throb walt who talks shit and i don't think
anyone believes a word. I don't give a shit


War Hero
Just returned to this thread and wondered if we have a name yet, before I wade through 10 pages of fun
Only fish that have fins and scales is kosher and all sea food (shell fish, crustaceans, squid, octopus, eels etc) are not kosher.
Bizarrely enough, Lunnun's premier jellied eels stall was founded and run by Jews.
A bit late but, the sixth picture down in your link has Tubby Isaacs on one side of the road and some Halal wagon on the opposite side. Spoiled for choice.


SAS, part-time clown and failed assassin? I bet that CV makes it to the top of every pile.

He looks smart as carrots, too.
Two months........two fucking months then you produce Coco the fukcing Clown. He's not exactly John Wayne Gacy is he? The mere fact you're a facebook user and a member of the walter mitty hunters club demands your hips be broken with a breech block.
I'm wagering you've never even killed a muslim you vomit-inducing cnut. You seriously need to toss my salad.............don't forget the shaft.

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Oh for fark's sake! Bored. Who is the other twunt who does not know how to wear a collar (the chain around his neck for the rest of the plebs)? Is he his 'banjo tuner' or just your common-or-garden child abuser?

Sent from my karzi while losing several pounds
I have to say this has been a bit of an anti climax.
I'd better ring work tomorrow and try to get my job back.
Missus took the kids with her when I wouldn't move from the couch just waiting for the update.
No love you dont understand, theres this guy and he's got a story about this bloke who wasnt really in the SAS.
Ah well least we all know now.
Cheers dits.
According to that, he was "kicked out [of the Army] soon after basic for steeling". Since when has it been an offence to prepare oneself mentally to face a challenging situation?
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