37 Sigs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by COS1SigBde, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Where are they?

    I need to know
  2. Ask APC Glasgow (Unit locations)
  3. They will be (when its been announced) West Midlands and Wales. Blackburn/93 is moving to 38 Signals Regiment, not sure if its Coventry Sqn is closing (too close to a 35 Sigs Regt sqn)

    Not sure which Sqns are moving into 37

    Why do you need to know ... have they got someone in the News of The World this weekend???????
  4. I think I'm posted there soon
  5. I led to believe the TA RSigs FAS will be announced next week and so hopefully the new ORBAT will be revealved. I'll post it if its not classified
  6. FAS TA is a mystery to us regular folk - I just need to get the thing on my radar. Cheers Polar.
  7. Its basically a way of keeping Lt Col posts, so we have Bde Sig Sqns that are part of regiments (its being done by calling them Bde Close Support Sqns). We should have lost several regiments (and RHQs and HQ Sqns), but we keep them with an operational role of each regiment ready to provide a det or two in an emergency (my old troop could have done that).
  8. Sounds like an exercise in futility.
  9. Thanks again Polar - I'm looking forward to getting there and seeing it for myself. I think this is 2 Bde (?) and does this mean that all units are the same structure?
  10. ^Its not 100% clear. Some regts have ARRC roled Sqns or other specialised roles

    The majority will be reorganised around regional Divisional/Bde boundaries. They will normally have 1/2 Brigade Close Support Sqns and 1/2 Contingency Component Sqn (all having a total of 3 plus HQ Sqn). Its not clear what the role is the new ORBAT I've seen indicates my Sqn is to support one regional Bde but other plans I've seen indicates 2 Sig Bde could be tasked to support the same Bde ????

    The 2 Sig Bde RLI site may make things clearer
  11. TheARRC role is / was limited to just 2 CNR squadrons, 60 & 94, and only for a given period in every 2 years. Otherwise, they are part of 2 Bde, providing vital........ can I get back to you on the last bit.
  12. Are 60 and 94 part of 37? - if not, which Regt are they?
  13. Depends if you are talking pre or post FAS.

    PM me.