37 signal regiment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jastard_back, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Anyone here from 37 sigs????? every other regiment seems to have been discussed apart from 37.
  2. 36 plus 1?
  3. ... is just maths!
  4. Yup, What do want to know?
  5. It's based in Redditch

    ....North Moons Moat

    ....and is part of 2 Bde

  6. tut, tut, thats 2 (NC) Sig Bde to you sir
  7. Er...isn't that arithmetic?

    By the way, anyone here from 38 Sig Regt (V)?
  8. Lower !!
  9. Yes..... unfortunately....
  10. Thats got to be a Wah :!:
  11. 2nd (NC) Sig Bde actuallement.

    Still, the course seems to have been defined by much horizontal acrobatics rather than individual knowldege and/or technical improvement - pity they weren't like that in my day - far too serious.
  12. Ha, the caretakers flat @ Club Dalro, those were the days

    (not that I ever used it)
  14. Yah boo sucks - as if it matters. It's ridiculously long title anyway and the NC bit just reminds me of NCRS (which is not good)
  15. Is it any good? Heard someone mention it was full of old people?

    Is 93 still moving to 38 Sigs (b4 or after their trip)?