37 Signal Regiment in Coventry?

First question is, does it still exist? I've tried the number online and it seems to have been disconnected. I've also tried the numbers for the Squadrons based in Birmingham, Redditch and Stratford on Avon but all i've got so far is ACF. Are they on Annual Camp maybe?

Second question - if it doesn't exist anymore are there any other options in Coventry area?
Try 53 Sig Sqn in Cardiff. I'm not sure if 96 Sqn is still part of the 37 Regt orbat, and 867 Tp in Stratford is a subunit of 53 Sqn and only manned Tuesday night. The PSI there is sound as you like, and if nothing else, they should be able to give you an up to date number.
You could try setting fire to yourself outside the Lady Godiva statue to bring attention to your plight.
Still no answer. Annual camp maybe.

It's actually pretty shocking that there are about 7 numbers available, only one of those has an answerphone and even after leaving a message last week i still haven't had a call back.
Yup, 37sigs are on annual camp in Knook atm. If they are on a two week camp, which I would assume they are, they should be coming back this coming Sunday evening. I only know this as their camp started as our courses camp ended and I had the displeasure of waiting for the ******* she-hippo they put on guard to slowly open the gates as we were sat sweltering in the back of a kit laden landy.

She was humorously chunky.
So their AO and PSAO have decided to kick back whilst there is no-one to keep an eye on them?
So their AO and PSAO have decided to kick back whilst there is no-one to keep an eye on them?
Isn't it TA policy for the PSAO to deploy nowadays? Genuine question.
They got back to me today. I've got no idea which number I left the message on though so let's hope I don't need to phone them again.
You'll fit right in with the Signals then, keep up the good work and you'll go far
benjyman, I've sent you a PM and will hopefully be able to help you resolve the comms problems so far and put you in touch with the people you want to speak to.

All 37SR troops are back from their various locations so normal service will resume this week!

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