37 Fd Sqn

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by gladimout, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Plaque needed!

    Cant seem to find one anywhere!?!?
  2. If you do find 1 can you post a link. I was there 89 -94. In was in 5 tp.
  3. I thought the same Wedge?!?!

    We were there the same time, I was 5 Tp.
  4. I was in 5 Troop as well. Did you go to Bosnia in '98?
  5. 37 fd sqns emblem was an elephant called "noddy" i was there 87-90 5 tp
  6. Still got my plaque and can confirm that Noddy is the featured emblem.
    I was there 87-90 as well. 4 trp
  7. No Wedge, I was left on the remf party! I was 5 tp 96-99 Ritchie T****s sect, Good mates with Geordie R***o and Del K**t
  8. old sqn emblem

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  9. new sqn emblem....

  10. Check your PMs, mate - we may know each other...
  11. These lads might help, It was Defo an Elephant though.
    I was in 29 which had a much more upmarket Pied Piper Emblem but then again we were a much more upmarket Sqn, you knew that didn't you :wink:

    37 Sqn RE
  12. I had a short spell in 29 also 94-95, I have a 29 plaque. Just never got around to investing in a 37 one, must've been the piss ups!!
  13. Now I do feel old as was there 70- 72. We were the first RE Regt to go into Belfast as infantry. Also played rugby and basketball for the reg - anyone around from those days?
  14. Bit later in the decade about 78 went into South Armagh as infantry the Squadron were billeted in Middleton except for a troop in Keady, but was there when Magilligan went up.