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37 Fd. Sqn. (As was !)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nutstrangler, May 28, 2013.

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  1. I served with 37 from '78 until '84, during that time, all the Sqn. vehicles and REME attached vehicles carried a stencilled-on image of a little galloping elephant. This little beastie also appeared on Sqn. sweatshirts.
    Does anyone know if the Sqn, now Armoured, so I believe, still uses this Little Noddy, and if so where I can obtain a copy of him ?
  2. It was still in use in the 90s.I believe there was some post cards made,some featuring the elephant.I think they were took at ploce death camp in 95.
  3. Don't know if the little yellow beastie still appears today but he does on the current sqn ties, must know you nutstrangler was in the sqn in 78.
  4. I was with the FRT, if I can get this photo up, you may recognise me, rear rank, exteme left.

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  5. 37's emblem has changed at least twice since Nutstrangler's pic, still an elephant though. When i joined 35 in '99 it was a line drawing of an elephant, running right to left, in yellow. Around 2002 time it changed to a pic of the right hand half of an elephants head, face on if you see what i mean. I think it was done because the shape of the new emblem kind of resembles the shape of Africa, and 37 did 2 Ex Oakapples within about 9 months, although i could be wrong about the reason for the change.
  6. Yes it's a copy of the line drawing that I'm after, if anyone can help.
  7. I served at 37 in 2006 and went on Telic 8 with them. We had a Noddy Template and sprayed it about the place whenever we could, using the line marker spray cans from the G10 for men. Heres a few snaps....

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  8. **** it, and a few more while Im in the folder everyone loves a photo. Was a busy ******* tour with all kinds going on. Classic Ubique, everywhere or all over the place no one really knew...

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  9. and one more that we painted on someones roof at the airport. Can't remember who's it was.

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  10. 37 Fld Sqn logo_0002.JPG
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  11. Thats the one I remember you having in '84. Not so sure about the stylized "37" though.

    I was in the far superior 29 however, and our Sqn emblem was fantastiche.
  12. Happy to help.
    I'm not even a sapper was just curious to find the badge in question.
    I have a badge fetish but its mostly old cap badges I collect.
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  13. Yes, I seem to remember it was some sort of Robin Hood lookalike in a pair of tights with something down his throat.

    Quite fitting for 29 :)
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