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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by syledis, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. A artic lorry with the words 363 distribution on the side has just sideswiped my wifes car as it was parked outside our local bank. Unfortunately he was gone too quickly to get his number but he must have known he hit it. Doeas anyone know anything about this company , 363 distribution?

    Thanks for your help
  2. www.3663.co.uk is their website. Big food distribution company. theyy should have contact details on the site.
  3. cheers mate
  4. I think you will find it was 3663 distribution, they are a massive compamy and will have all the necessary insurances.

    Try getting hold of your nearest depot on the phone and asking for the Transport Manager. will help them greatly to sort it out if you have their Registration or trailer number available. They should be able to put you in touch with their insurers :banned:

    edited to add
    Presume you have a witness that can confirm it was their vehicle, make sure you get their details. Pain in the proverbial though it is possible the driver was unaware of the damage caused. As you are fairly well insulated from events in a 40' rig.
  5. 363 distribution? they would be taking all the forms from the thousands of squaddies who have signed off to the CTP to get authority to attend resettlement activities!
  6. Thanks for the help, we have spoken to the depot and they have narrowed it down to 3 or 4 drivers. The ploice are here at the moment taking a statement. I,m not looking for someone to get into trouble over this but im damned if im paying to repair her car when its their fault. Her car is immaculate and she is gutted. thanks again for the help
  7. West Country then? OOOAAARRRRRRR! :lol:
  8. You're going to get feck all from them.

    When i was doing agency work i often drove for 3663. I was once accused of sideswiping some birds motor (complete bollox, i hasten to add). Apparently it is common practice for people who have had their vehicles damaged to blame the first firm they can clearly identify and as most firms have their logo on the side of the vehicle this is what happens.

    Company and Insurance providers policy is that it is upto the claiment to prove the case, as you didn't get the number and i doubt there is any discernable damage to the truck you are fcuked.
  9. 363 actually admitted it was their driver wot did it. This was after the Police contacted them about it and car was taken away tonigh for repair. We were lucky in that we had a witness and the times matched perfectly with his delivery route. The police too a closer than normal interest due to him not stopping. Only bad thing is that its gone to a Citroen dealership owned by Arnold Clark whose reputation up here is second only to Gordon Browns.
  10. Thats lucky then
  11. Not too long ago I was driving a whilte fleet van as part of my thrilling job, there was an accident on a roundabout which was on my route back to camp which was caused by a large white van running into the back of a small car.
    The van driver gave my vehicle registration details to the shocked car driver who didn't even think of checking. I'm sure she had other things on her mind at the time.
    The first I knew of it was getting a phonecall the next morning 'why haven't you reported your accident?' total confusion in our little office as the vans were all visible through the window and undamaged.
    The fallout from this was having to fill out the FMT (1000?) even though I wasn't involved in an accident. Drawing the scene was difficult and answering all the questions on that bloody form as most of them were N/A. I submitted photos of the front of the van (pristine and still with its hire company number plates) and ended up doing an extra 700 miles (duty rates thanks very much) travelling between my home, lydd and folkestone.
    Top marks to the van driver, if you are going to blag it, blag it with a real registration of a van in that area and do one before anyone checks. :x
  12. On a point of complete trivia, the name 3663 was found by typing the word "food" into a phone keypad.
  13. I read an article (when suicidally bored) in soldier magazine(?) about 3663 and I could have sworn it said that 3663 was the phone extension on the desk.
  14. I had a similar experience in my van. I was supposed to have reversed into a customers car, even though I was nowhere near it, there was zero damage to my van. And my van was white and the paint on the car was blue, and they reported it a week after I had supposedly done it. And they said that I was the last one to have driven near to their car and that they hadn`t driven it. For a week? Are you sure? In a cul de suc? And your house is on the end? Really?

    End result was my company paid for the damage to be repaired and for a courtesy car. I had to fill out an accident report form, even though nothing had happened and the company was backing me up.

    I filled out the form with alot of N/A`s and sarcasm. Then faxed it to her insurance company, they weren`t too impressed. Nor was my boss. Nevermind.
  15. Done after a re branding exercise and lots of money spent. As they couldn't put a trade mark on the word Food.

    Can use it as covert swearing too. 9265377