360 or 6400


This may have been done to death but i am still mystified about why we use degrees instead of mils?
They say its to make it easier for cadets as they learn it in school, but the truth is i have seen many a puzzled cadet trying to work out degrees,minutes etc where as mils is a piece of piss to teach and use!

your views?

rant over!

A very pissed off troop
Think when I was a cadet, many moons ago, I was taught in Mils.... helped no end when I left and joined the forces... never had a problem with meps etc because of that.


very good point troop, ive used both before from when i was a cadet and i do find 360 much easier, but the army use 6400 so i think we should, only because of the more accurate anwser and thats the way they teach it within the army
its good to of used both though to get to grips with both
ill teach it 360, but i believe it should be taught 6400.
cheers, busted
It's good to teach both - Mils aren't something they would learn elsewhere. However, 360 has more practical applications in real life and it's easier to pick up. Leave the Mils for those people at Larkhill to teach them.



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I understand that it relates, as do others parts of the sylabus, to what kids are taught in school. The idea being that ACF has regard to educational key stages in its sylabus.


I thought we did teach mils but only 3 star and above.


I was told that degrees are taught so as to avoid confusion when undertaking DOE training, which is only in degrees apprentley.


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There is no difference in the application of either mils or degrees, except that mils are more accurate. Not only this, I'm also thinking it's part of the metrification (is that a word?) process.

I personally prefer Mils because of the inherent accuracy.

In terms of the ACF, it should be taught side by side with degrees; after all, we are hoping these boys and girls are going to join the regular forces in the future and that being the case, they'll need mils.

(Edited to add: Some Silva Compass models have both systems as do Roma's/Potractors)
Mils always. Its an Army thing.

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