36 Sig Regt - the future !?!?!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TheRoundOne, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. As part of FAS 36 Sig Regt is scheduled to lose one Sqn, the identity of another, gain one from miles away but more importantly the probable loss to the TA of over 100 trained, motivated soldiers, some of whom have already been on Op TELIC & OCULUS. These individuals who live in and around the London area and cannot in reality train in the chosen locations of Colchester & Cambridge, which are over 50 miles away. Although other units will be found for those officers and soldiers, the catastrophic loss to the Regt of the skill factor will take years to rebuild. All of this can be changed around by closing the one TAC that is most difficult to get to (Southend) and keep the one that is to close (Grays). The retention of Grays TAC would allow the 100 or so based at Grays & Ilford to continue to train with the Regt thereby ensuring that the operational ability to deploy remains. This so obvious option apparently will not happen, as I understand it, the TAC at Grays has already been sold off to allow the building of a Car Park! Clearly, as FAS has yet to be implemented how come plans for the Car Park have been lodged with the local Town planners? Is this the RFCA tail wagging the Dog?
  2. What news of 755 ? oh rotund one
  3. msr

    msr LE

    When they closed D Coy 2 Wessex at Newbury, the total number of people who stayed on was 2. They had to travel 50+ miles for their nearest inf TAC.

    Been there, got the t-shirt.

  4. So are many other NC regts - 6 in total. Its not the worse thing that could have happened, the TA has been dropping in numbers for years, 92 merged into HQ Coy, 99 disbanded and drums/silver taken to reg regt, 06 Sig Sqn they transferred to disbanded. One thing that really narks me is they have never been poorly recruited just fell foul to politics or being in the wrong area.

    Should have a word with the bloke who interupted my parade tonight, reform us or we'll strike :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  5. saying all this the opened a sig unit at ipswich a year ago. and its struggling to find new blood.
  6. Closing Grays would be catastrophic for the area it has been well recruited for years and getting stronger all the time,
    The option to close the centre will desecrate all that has been worked for over the years.
    The centre has no construction value and is at the back end of an industrial area so will not be used for housing.
    How can a plan written on a fag packet over a gin and tonic in the officer’s mess be implemented without first looking at the full picture?
    44 sqn origins go back to 1692. The centre is steeped in history and local men went off to war WW 1, WW 2, Gulf,
    It comes down to bounders and line drawing on maps,
    ”Come on Chaps Easier to Move the Pin in the Map than to Move the Solders”.
  7. 36 Sig Reg- morale high?......perfect time for our jobless sqn to join you!
  8. Very interesting, as an ex SPSI at 54 (EA) Sig Sqn that comes as a shock that they will close Grays as in my time it was always one of the better manned centres. I agree that Southend was a bit out in the sticks and maybe should have been the one to go. However it never made sense to me to close warley and move to Ipswich in the first place. 44 always had the numbers where as 45 where there abouts. I have also heard rumours lately about RHQ movin from Ilford to Cambridge but not to sure if there is any truth in this. Anyway who won Mountvoy this year???
  9. The reasons are simple 6 Sqns had to go - 38 & 39 Regts were down for being canned.

    36 may have been recieving 1-2 Sqns from 38 (its suddenly got worse - more Sqns going as 38 have 2 strong sqns within 5 miles of 49 bde HQ - in well populated areas - another topic but what ever). Any Sqn not in 49 Bde area was prime candidate for the chop.
  10. It is important that trained soldiers are not lost from the TA rather than any individual regiment or Sqn loyalties.

    Grays and Southend transfered sucessfully from the RLC into 36 and a good part of 54 Sqn from the R Anglians. Cap badge is less of an issue than location for most soldiers (note soldiers not Offrs and SNCOs). At Ilford all TA R Signals volunteers will keep employment and mostly in a very similar comms or support trade with the incoming unit at Ilford.

    You will have been briefed if you have attended Grays recently on the rationale behind the reorg in 2 Sig Bde and there is much on here that describes it too. PM me if you need more, but best speak to your troop or Sqn OC.

    Personnel from Grays will be offered the chance to transfer to Southend and this is the preferred option or to transfer to any of the other local TA centres of which there are many (inc. 70 Sqn) who are queueing up to take them. - This includes of course Ilford.
  11. Don't forget 70 Sig Sqn!!!! (71 reg) Chelmsford, Essex

    They are a great professional bunch and people could do alot worse that take a look there if they want to stay in the Sigs......

  12. Although it may seem difficult, recent experience has shown that R Sigs personnel can adapt quickly, and using their skills take on any role. The 2Bde role is not that different and pers from 36 SR are well placed, and have already proven that they can quickly adapt. Years to rebuild! No, by this time next year 36SR will be up to speed and leading from the front.

    Warley was closed under the 'Detachment Review' and not a decision from within 36SR. The choices made at and around that time were the right choices and that has been proven. Had Warley stayed, the closure of Grays would probably have been guaranteed sooner along with the loss of Warley. By moving to Suffolk - and that was not one of the options put before the Regt at the time - allowed the Regt to establish a R Sigs presence in Suffolk. The troop at Ipswich started with a strength of just six and within a year has doubled in size and keeps growing. All troop members turn out on a regular basis - in fact they are one of the most reliable and well-qualified troops in 36 SR.

    In my humble opinion, Ipswich is one of the successes and will become a great place to train.

    BTW, the other choices were totally unworkable and so a solution was offered being based around the IT concentration in South Suffolk - a decision now justified by the move to 2(NC) Sig Bde.
  13. Very emotive, but what of the actual facts?

    Well firstly anyone in 36 should think back to what their Regt was like a few years ago to what it is like today. In Apr 03 the Regt had a strength of 327 (on an establishment of 424) but 180 on the 327 had not trained in any of the previous 9 months so had an effective strength of about 150 or 35%. This year more than 60% of the Regt went to Camp, and today it has an effective strength of over 80% due to lots of hard effort and recruiting and, as frenchie points out high morale (which is high despite all the threats that have hung over the unit)

    So what of the facts:

    1. 36 Sig Regt ceased to have a role in Mar 04 when it and 40SR were stood down from the ARRC ex as 'services no longer required' and with Euromux having an end of service date of 1 Apr 05. In 03 the Regt was told it would disband in 05 - that was before FAS came along - it was only a few peoples 'out of the box' thinking that gave it any prospect of a future!

    2. All of 36's Sqns were to have gone under the orignial FAS plan - as POLAR indicates - 38 Sqns were to move across.

    3. Ilford has been on the cards to relocate since SDR but the opportunity never arose until now and for the Regt to survive it had to move out of London and in to its operational area. 38 could have got the job had they not moved.

    4. In 1 County (Essex) there were 6 TA Signals TA Centres all competing for the same people. A bigger concentration than London.

    5. Grays was the least recruited location of any 36 site for the last 5 years (actual statistics) and was the site which had the hardest time recruiting of them all - and could not recruit many operators - all the AS (Emux) Ops coming fom Southend. Recruiting at Grays (and Chelmsford & Southend) improved only when Warley (12 miles from Grays) relocated to Ipswich. This freed up competition in the population areas of Basildon.

    4. Southend has always been better recruited than Grays which was why they had the CNR Tp established there last year! Recruiting at Grays has only taken off in the last year - funny how that relates to the fact that the new OC came from Southend

    5. Southend is 20 miles from Grays so not all that far (down a dual carriageway) when you look at other TA locations. Ilford is close to Whipps Cross (71 Sig Regt - which has the same role as 36 will have) and they would be more than welcome or they can transfer to the incoming unit where there is cross transfer of their trades and, in any event, many of the personnel live north of London!

    6. Yes the loss is emotive but that was not the underlying decision factor in the change - operational imperative was.

    7. 45 Sig Sqn at Colchester is to be expanded to include Ipswich and Southend and the title and heritage of 44 is proposed to be retained. 45 Sqn is now recruited at over 90% and has seen the biggest growth over the past 3 years (at the last count 44 only scraped past the 60% mark - when you take off the deadwood - but that is much better than in 2003 where Grays was struggling to get into double figures - now they are much better).

    8. 54 keeps its identity and its 2 detached Troops are retained.

    didydahdit is quiet right in what he/she writes.

    This is not ideal and the loss particularly of the Ilford people will be a significant one but they have opportunities both in cap badge and trade by either staying put or moving a short distance away. Grays was the weakest location but all the people there have opportunities for the future as well. Whilst it may seem bad it is not as bad as it could have been and 36 staff fought very hard to actually survive. Moreover as many posts on here indicate no change is not an option - as inflexibility would have resulted in a straight forward cut. Given the background 36 have done well even if that is not particularly recognised at the grass routes level.
  14. By far the best post i have read in here in a long while to be honest and the most watertight, having spent 4 years with 44 as both PSI and SPSI (hi wingnut! :D oh and Cyprussig ;) ) i concur that Southend numbers had been rising steadily since September 2000, whilst Grays numbers started to drop off around 2002 and never really recovered.

    Those that are committed will travel and those that arent won't, its sad but true and i know how many will feel under the circumstances.

    It is good to see however that its intended that 44 keeps its identity, it has a proud name and rightly so, the people that make the Sqn work i am sure will help ease the pain :)

    But to set the record straight, recruiting issues have nothing really to do with the OC coming from Southend, Southend has a much larger catchment area and has always had plenty of interest, Grays is not a particularly good place to recruit from (speaking from a recruiters point of view here ;) ) in that it was tucked away and out of sight with not too much advertisement.
  15. Having read all these posts regarding the future of 36 Sig Regt I thought I would throw in my two pennies worth.

    All restructuring has casualties and unfortunately the decisions made will never be satisfactory for those casualties. INT QSL has made it perfectly plain the rationale behind the decision but soldiers will still say "why me/ my Sqn etc".

    For those committed soldiers there are plenty of opportunities to stay in the Corps with TA centres of the same cap badge within 20 miles of their current locations. The loss of trained soldiers is a risk, but bearing in mind the turnover in the TA, it could happen anyway even if these Squadrons were not closed down.