36 Engr Regt - Welcome Home

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by foxs_marine, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Saw on the local BBC news that 36 Engr Regt have returned to UK. Does anyone know if there is a parade planned for them in Maidstone as they are my local regiment & I'd like to cheer them on.

  2. Welcome home Guys and Girls.
  3. welcome home.

    few weeks at home & then away somewhere else no doubt.
  4. Welcome back folks, let's hope you get a decent r&r before you have go somewhere else.
  5. Nightrained, did you forget something?

    Years ago when 36 was a proper Engr Regt with 2 Field Sqn's, I though 20 was one of them?

    By the way, did yo kiill all those Terry's single handed.

    As for all those good men and true from 36 , if you are passing through Nth Lincs, I would like to shake your hand and buy you a pint, or three!
  6. how far north, past lincoln ????

    i am south of lincoln.
  7. Just south of Brigg and Brigg is where again the gene pool is very limited!

    Especially when you look around those shopping in TESCO there!
    Knuckles dragging on the floor and the dribble from the corner of their mouths, so WE shop in Market Rasen. .. .. :wink:
  8. Is 9 sqn still part of 36?

    My last memory of 36 was us winning the inter sqn boxing tornement.
  9. Welcome home fellas :thumright:
  10. Welcome home all I will be there to show my support and to sign the book.

    ABF 9 Sqn are now part of 16 Air Assualt I think
  11. There is 2 field squadrons - 20 and 69 gurkhas.

    Also it's great to be back. 2 lives down is sad, but I think as a regiment we left a firm footprint.
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    No. it is now part of 23 Regt.
  13. i see the english course when well NT. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  14. Watched the parade great turn out despite the rain. Maidstone welcomed the boys home in style. People came into town just for the parade. Many had tears in their eyes and like me were lucky enough to have bosses who let them take their lunch break early so we could welcome them home.