36 (Eastern) Signal Regiment "Last Hurrah"

Hot off the press, advanced notice of the following which will be published in the next Wire:

36th (Eastern) Signal Regiment
The Last Hurrah – a final farewell to the Regiment

An all ranks evening function will be held for all past and serving members and their partners on Sat 06 Mar 2010 at the TA Centre, Coldhams Lane, Cambridge.

Further details can be obtained from the Adjutant or ROSO on 01223 27 5803/ 01223 27 5793. E mail: 36SR-ADJT @ mod.uk / 36SR-ROSO @ mod.uk. If you have made a presentation to the mess and wish to reclaim it please also use the above contact.
Sentinel said:
What will happen to all the TAC's - will they re-role (and if so - to what) or are they being closed down?
I know my my own experience that there's, dare i say, "relevant" units out there ready to snatch up the TAC's and any spare blokes as well so all is not lost (at least for my Sqn. Couldn't comment on otheres)
Is Kempston still part of 36 Sigs? Always seem strange it now not being part of 54 Sqn, I started off in the TA with 818 (Foot and Mouth) Tp which become either 756 or 754 Tp. 54 Sqn was a good laugh especially the boys and girls from Norwich, wish I could remember the young ladies name who was a lifeguard, had good reason to remember her as on STANTA once she had her inner thighs wrapped round my ears! (You had to be there but it was hilarious - she was sat on my shoulders trying to defuse a bomb up a tree!).

Lots of good memories, only went to Ilford twice, they had pretty good disco's at night on the weekends. Although there was always the story about the Rupert who insisted doing a BFT round a local park in full NBC, think the local plod had words with him.
Ipswich, Southend, Bedford, Closed to R Signals, other dets remain (only ACF at Southend)
Aylesbury, Cambridge R Signals reduced to troop size.
Colchester - unchanged renumbered to 36 Sqn
Norwich - R Signals troop to 6 Regt AAC in 2007
Ilford - TAC to 101 EOD RE in 2009
What a fantastic evening - well done to the organising team and sorry to everyone I missed and hi to the hundreds I did speak to.

Lets get the association up an running...

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