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36 (Eastern) Signal Regiment "Last Hurrah"

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Au_Courant, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. Hot off the press, advanced notice of the following which will be published in the next Wire:

    36th (Eastern) Signal Regiment
    The Last Hurrah – a final farewell to the Regiment

    An all ranks evening function will be held for all past and serving members and their partners on Sat 06 Mar 2010 at the TA Centre, Coldhams Lane, Cambridge.

    Further details can be obtained from the Adjutant or ROSO on 01223 27 5803/ 01223 27 5793. E mail: / If you have made a presentation to the mess and wish to reclaim it please also use the above contact.
  2. One Army, Regular and Territorial... ?
  3. ... and your point is?
  4. long live 37 sigs
  5. Thats two... :?
  6. If you are trying to say something, it's not abundantly clear what it is. So please feel free to expand slightly.
  7. Nice one on the persec there Au-Courant. Time, place who will be attending, reason for attending, ROSO's number and email, Adjs email addy and number. I'm sure he'll be over the moon with your security measures.....
  8. Of course none of this is the public domain.

    I think you will find most of this info on the Army website.

    Reunions are always advertised in Soldier Magazine which is available to the public.

    Mind you, "security" is not a dirty word, whilst "crevice" is a positively dirt word.
  9. It may very well be in the public domain but not all collated into the one easy to read post and then pester the said Adj/ROSO.

    Crevice is indeed a dirty word.
  10. Everything posted was cleared with the individuals in question, is on the web in several places, on all of Regt's old recruiting material and also in the Wire if you ever read it.

    It may also have escaped you that these numbers and emails will be defunct in about 6 weeks. Persec stands for PERSONAL security by the way and the emails and phone numbers are by appointment.

    Any questions? :)
  11. Ha ha. Good comeback Au_Courant!!!
  12. Hey baileybabe, what's the 'thanks' for??
  13. Seems to have been a bit of a bun fight over my "one Army" comment that I dropped as a wind up? This Last Hurrah, is it still on? and are all of the TA Regt's that are to go having one, is 34 Sigs?
  14. Why don't you ask 34 Signal Regiment? :roll: