3500 Army "officers" drafted for Olympics security duties

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. How many threads are you going to start on this? Surely you aren't that outraged?
  2. You mean to say that getting a shiney set of MTP goretex and a plastic bottle aint good enough compensation for having to cancel family holidays at short notice to stag on at the Olympics?
    Embrace the new dream because it isnt going to get any better, roll on Civ Div.
  3. I have no idea HTF that happened. I wouldn't even have noticed had you not drawn my attention to it.

    Outraged? Fuck yes! Bloody government fucking over the troops again, and again, and again, etc.
  4. I thought you were outraged at the officers bit. Personally, I don't see a problem with the use of soldiers in the Olympics. In fact, I would prefer it to the use of a private security firm that is going to employ fuckwits that are worse then stabs.

    Yes, its a bit of a fuck around for the lads, but the security of the people at the Olympics is something that needs to be taken very seriously and should not be in the control of muppets like Coe and his whallahs.

    Its shit that we have to have the Olympics and most of the Olympic things are just beyond belief, such as the logo and the so called piece of art that people get charged 15/30 quid to go up, but its something that we now have to put up with and the security needs to be done right as it is a national high profile event.
  5. I think it's great that those filthy Johnny foreignors who are stupid enough to come to Bliar's last great spending orgy, will take away the impression that Britain is some kind of armed camp run by a load of fucking chimps. The olympics was supposed to be about peace, was it not?

    If private security companies cannot carryout the tasks they are contractually bound to do, they should simply be sacked and no payments made!
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  6. A triumph for the Big Sports Day, and Guv, this time contracting the Olympics security and other such non serious issues of course, out to agencies that just can't deliver. £300 million that security group are getting paid, but it just doesn't help them make it to the mark even when they had enough cash and their endless labour force supply lounging about on benefits and arriving at Heathrow. Why not? Mmmm you decide.

    And haven't they left it a bit late to fess up that they couldn't supply enough guards? It doesn't seem difficult to get security work these days, you could be Jimmy Carr or even Alan Carr, as long as the snoopers can't find anything on their databases or you haven't taken a dress back to Sparks with a frown. You'll get the job. Hardened veterans talk funny, dress smart and know about security. Totally the wrong sort and we didn't want those. Let's feck the soldiers about again and do the job for these muppets properly. That's me done. Cornflakes time.
  7. oldbaldy

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    I'm having toast but will I have jam or honey with it. Decisions, decisions!
  8. Apricot jam. The jam of winners.
  9. Hey...where's MY plastic bottle?
  10. The main problem the way I see it, is that C4S have been paid £300 Mill to provide the security. They cannot recruit enough personnel to carry out the tasks. Why? Because they want to maximise their profits by paying peanuts for temporary staff. Cucking Funts
  11. I blame the gobmint, it,ll all end in tears, you,ll see.
  12. I see G4S has jacked up their fee by at least £53m. Now, if they can do THAT on a unilateral basis, the government ought to be able to cut them off at the ankles and put them into administration. It'd be a good learning experience for a group of wankers who've had years to plan for this and just weeks before the event remain clueless. Of course it will never happen because from what I've been told the present government couldn't organise a pissup in a brewery nor a diarrhoea contest in an unlicensed vindaloo cafe.

    It's just a passing thought and I'm not going to start a thread on this, but how many active duty or reservists facing the sack are considering moving to Canada, Australia or NZ to continue a military career?
  13. If your that outraged send a nice email to those 'two' twats Buckles & Connolly of G4S....the actual reason why troops have been screw'd over..