350 years ago today

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Queensman, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Loyal and heartfelt greetings to all Arrsers especially those from the Queen's Regiment, her forebears and successors.

    350 years ago today at 0830hrs on Putney Heath the Tangier Regiment of Foot was raised. On its return from Tangier (the oldest battle honour of the British Army), the Regiment became the 2nd of Foot or The Queen's Royal Regiment, the Queen in question being Queen Catherine (of Braganza) wife of King Charles II.


    Raising Of The Ragiment & Tangier
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  2. Happy Birthday to the Mutton Lancers! :)
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  3. Good reading that Queensman. Strange how our respective units seem to have fought together, from Burgoynes 1777 American campaign, through the West Indies and on to the Peninsular. I am sure they would have met up in South Africa too, with my Bty having taken part in quite a few battles/engagements there. Belmont, Graspen, Enslin, Modder River, Karee Sidings, Orange Free state, or Natal to name but a few...Nice Linky.
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  4. I shall raise a glass tonight - fond memories of my time in 2 Queens...


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  5. Happy Birthday to the Queen's Regiment. Excellent website BTW.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    350 years? That's long enough, time they were cut. It's only fair.
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  7. Shit! What again?

    However, funny you say that: I've heard tell that before too long the PWRR, RRF and R ANGLIAN will all merge to former a single large regiment ala RIFLES and SCROTS. Is there no end?
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  8. Many Happy Returns to "The Soldiers of The Queen". You have probably heard right about future merges. I feel very lucky that though since the formation of The Queens Regiment in the 60s my Regiment has managed to remain unchanged since 1968. Other than the loss of our 3rd and 4th Bns. Some infantiers have worn 2 or 3 cap badges in the same period. Having not long left to serve I might just make it through without an amalgamation. Not that confident though.
  9. Did Batus with a Queens' Battlegroup.
    Fcukers shot at me and my oppo whilst we were manning the alternative firing point for one of those 6' picket bridges.
    We dived in the trench and the fat basterd was quicker than I!
    You know who you are, Steve T.
  10. Many happy returns!

    How are you going to blow out all of the candles on the cake?
  11. Britons always loyally declaim
    About the way they rule the waves
    Ev'ry Britons song is just the same
    When singing of our soldiers brave
    All the world has heard it, wonders why we sing
    Some have learn'd the reasons why
    We're not forgetting it
    We're not letting it fade away or gradually die
    Fade away or gradually die......
    So when we say that England's master
    Remember who has made her so:

    It's the soldiers of the Queen my lads
    Who've been my lads
    Who've seen my lads
    In the fight for Englan's glory lads
    Of it's world wide glory let us sing
    And when we say we've always won
    And when they ask us how it's done
    We'll proudly point to ev'ry one
    Of England's soldiers of the Queen
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  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Happy birthday to the Queen's Regiment and congratulations on being the second oldest line Regiment, from a former member of the oldest! :)
  13. New Draft.
  14. Many thanks for posting this.

    It's a bit less than inspiring to know that my 2 part-time years in HQ Company of 6/7th Queen's (V) covered slightly more than half of one per cent of the history of the regiment. Despite this extremely modest length of service, my copies of books by Richard Holmes and Mike Reynolds are still signed "to a fellow member of the Queen's Regiment".

    All the best,

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  15. I don't need an excuse to raise a glass but hey-ho - 6/7 Queens (& 6/7 PWRR) provided me with some of the best memories of my life and some of the best comrades.

    Proud to be a Queensman.