350 Tonnes of $ Yankee to Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. A US Congresional Committe is asking how cum 360 TONNES of Yankee $ cash, where shipped out to Iraq during the time of the Bremmer administration.
    Seems much of the Money has gone missing and there are suggestions that sum went to Finance the Opposition.
  2. Ahhhh , so that's where Hizbollah got all that folding to flash about after the Lebanese unpleasantness :roll:
  3. The BEEB has just said over 3 Billion + has gone missing.
    What was that Peter Sellers film where a cuntry provokes the US into war so as to Get the Reconstruction Aid ?
  4. Oh the tinfoil-hattedness that could ensue. Is the suggestion that the money went missing through incompetance, cronyism or something more sinister?
  5. Most of it was nicked, its hardly news.
  6. KO not News But qualifies for Comady Hour.
  7. Pretty much just p!ss poor prior planning on what they were going to do after they won and the fact that there was apparently bugger all control or proper records kept of the cash that was sent out and how it was used. It really was a complete cowboy operation out there. That's why they instigated the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) to oversee and try and find out where a lot of this money went to.

    Dispatches did, what I though was, a very good program on the issue entitled 'Iraq's Missing Billions, that you can find on numerous video sites. Here's the program divided up into six sections - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six over on YouTube. Have a watch and be amazed at just how bad it was.

    The more I read about what happened after the invasion, the more I really do believe that Jay Garner would have done just so much better at it than Bremer provided he'd of had a relatively free hand to operate with. Instead they went with some fuckwhit who had no clue what he was up to and made such stellar moves as disbanding the military or putting several million people out of work practically overnight by trying to turn Iraq's state run businesses into capitalist models.
  8. 4 billion is the amount that is known. I bet upwards of a 100 billion was 'misplaced.'

    When I first heard the news I felt betrayed. Don't know why. Now I am resigned to the fact that this adventure will bring my great country to it's knees.

    Voters deserve the leaders they elect.
  9. deleted for double post
  10. The Mouse That Roared.
  12. Quite sure thanks
  13. This was the subject of an absolutely excellent Dispatches program about 6 months ago.
  14. It has been the subject matter of many well informed articles from around the time the financial scandals were actually happening.
    But as the American media have been in lock step with administration they didn't see the light of day.
    One could have read about these matters on Salon.com and the Raw Story.com amongst other sites years ago.

    Of course the reason why these matters (and there is plenty more to come) are now being reported in the print media is because finally there is now U.S. Senate hearings begining.

    As the enormity of the mismanagement and plain corruption of fiscal affairs in Iraq begin to be revealed it will be easier to see why any attempts so called to win hearts and minds failed and why insurgency grew leading to the chaos there is today.

    It was absolutely vital that if regime change followed by the installation of a well ordered civil society was intended aim financial probity should followed and seen to be followed in order to set a good example.

    If that was never going to be possible then the project should not have begun at all. Financial irregularities have quite directly caused more bloodshed than was necessary.