350 MILLION barrels of oil from the Falklands.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. This could get interesting down south.

    Gulf Keystone and Rockhopper unveil oil plans for Iraq and the Falklands - Telegraph

    With the Argentines getting cosy with their neighbours...
  2. Will we have any planes for our carrier(s) by then, otherwise we have blown it!
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  3. My investment in RKH is worth just over half of what it was, (my bad) so before I retire at age 93 I may actually make a profit. Maybe.
  4. The smart plan would be give them 10% now whilst they're skint and tie them up in a deal
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  5. Let us hope that it all doesn't kick off again, because this time I don't think we have the resources or the political will to do 'owt about it. Stretched thin and unloved by those in charge who really don't give a ****. IMHO.
  6. Not another "Argentina is going to goosestep over goose green" thread.
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  7. If it kicks off again in the next few years the only thing that Argentina can do is give the Typhoons down there a fairly interesting afternoon of target practice.
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  8. Where are the oil and gas fields?

    Are they close to the islands or are they far enough away that they could be 'disrupted'? Not just by the Argies, the Argies could give a safe and convienient port for Green Peace or similar.
  9. I do hope so! BUT, how do they get there?
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  10. The Typhoons? They flew there.
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  11. There are four already down there, but I don't know how we could any more down there at short notice. They'd have to puddle hope down America... which could get interesting near Argentina.
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  12. The ones down there flew direct with AAR. Partly to show the Argies we could do it, I believe.
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  13. If it comes off and thats a big IF all that will happen is after a bit of grandstanding Argentina will suddenly find its and the UK's mutual Friend Good old uncle Sam will fund building of nice big refinery's on the Río de la Plata.

    The Falklands will get a big boost from An oil Boom

    HMG will get oil tax revenue from said same.

    Argentina will save face while getting a slice of the action.

    And of course the US gets a stable supply of oil out of reach of the most determined Jihadist.

    Win Win me thinks.
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  14. Really? I'm sure that would win the UN right up if we were getting tax yields from the natural resources of our overseas territories.
  15. I just know diesel will be back to £1 a gallon.
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