35 Sigs is on its arrse

Drill Night yesterday, me and 3 siggies of which one was traded. There were another 6 recruits, along with 2 seniors and an officer. It's often a similar saddening story at weekends. My reasoning for this the Regiment's policy of 'starting from scratch', i.e training soliders up from low level stuff iot be be fully prepared for camp. Problem is, we've got lots of traded/skilled soldiers who want to do their job on weekends, not just sit around with thumb up backside. The majority of us know what we are doing and how to do it. Only the newest siggy needs training. As a result, 35 Sigs is on it's arrse, with talk of squadrons being shut down. Any other TA units experienced difficult times? Anybody got any practical ideas on how to solve this problem?
You might like to have a look at the IT training 33 are rolling out.

msr, thanks, i'll look into it. 13 on parade is lame by our standards of old, and half of those are recruits who have their own training to do. We're based in the Stoke area, not exactly in the middle of no-where.
At a city center TAC we had (all in) 30 plus another half dozen who are waiting to go into the system.
We had about 8 privates parading (only half fully trained) for about 6 weeks! Improvise, adapt, overcome ;)
It's half-term week; how many of the 'missing' have kids in school?

Plan school holidays into your training plans, and you can get the key things done when peope are in their normal routine, rather than tryng to reconnect with their kids or in a caravan in Porthcawl.
miss_stephanie_broadchest said:
Drill Night yesterday, me and 3 siggies of which one was traded. There were another 6 recruits, along with 2 seniors and an officer.
Stop showing off, you're doing better than some.
miss_stephanie_broadchest said:
Valid point angular, only it's been like this for some time now.
Oh well, in that case better chuck it in and join the infantry :wink:
At the risk of attracting a shitload of "You can f*****g talk!!" :) , posting stuff about levels of training and numbers used to be the kind of thing they would shaft you for.

Mr Happy

I have to say, the training angle should be looked at, in my sigs experience we worked at high level and mentored the newbies up to our level. we didn't get trained soldiers to fck about with voice procedure, we did are batco, R2's etc and the newbies listened, watched and got a brew on..

How can you keep a trained soldier professional by sticking him in a class that is covering FFR battery set ups which he covered X years ago...

Sounds nuts mate. Reg CO?
Having worked with 35 Sigs recently, I can see exactly what they are trying to achieve because a lot of basics were not being done.

Your drill night turn out is just at your Sqn I assume? What about the rest of the Regt? or is the sweeping statement that the Regt is on it's ARRSE a slight exageration.

As for IT...am I not right in thinking that your Regt has just bid for £20,000 of IT equipment so that each of your Sqns can have it's own IT trg suite and an ECDL test centre?
Generally across the board. Regimental Exercises on the decline too. The basics are not being done by all, because those that know what they're doing aren't turning in. Why should they if all we do is low level training each time?
The IT equipment has been on the books for a while. Guess we shall see what impact it has when it gets installed.

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