35 signal regiment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ben0239, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. does anyone if the rumours are true that this regiment is moving to stafford? and do you know when this will be.
  2. what part of 35 would that be? Stoke or Coventry Sqn. I heard people were trying to have only one Sqn there. (sure this hasn't been confused with 22 Sigs)
  3. 14 signal group are already there, which is TA, however i heard that the HQ squadron of 35 would be moving to stafford.
  4. 35 RHQ were supposed to move this year with the rest of HQ sqn following on a year later, but this has been put on hold due to financial constraints. i.e there is no money in the coffers. Suits me If they moved I think they would needed to replace the majority of the sqn. :D
  5. I'm sure 37 would be quite happy about the move
  6. 35 SR's HQ is in Coventry.

    12 Signal Group (of which, 35 forms a third) are based in Stafford.

    The plan was to move RHQ and HQ Sqn to Stafford but as rightly pointed out by TB, this has fallen foul of the swinging cuts.

    37 would like 35 to move as it would leave them as the only RSigs unit in the town.

    Stauts Quo
  7. Not happening, now, in the near future or anytime soon.

    (Well, thats this months story, gains credulence for being the same story for several months now)
  8. I've been told by a reliable source, that 35 RHQ (now known as 35 Support Command) will not be moving to Stafford, which suits me just fine :) (less travelling for me)