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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by beerkeg, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. Hi, does any body know if there are any vacancies for a Signals Class one Tech at any of the squadrons with in 35 Sig Regt. I will be due posting upon completion of my course in september. Any help would be greatly received.
  2. Best bet would be to ring the Regt. FoS direct and ask him. If left to MCM Div you'll not only get the wrong info they'll post you to Antarctica instead.
  3. Like G-B says phone the Regt FoS to find out, I think one of them is abut to be moved out soon so you may be in luck
  4. sorry this might be to late but nobody wants to serve at 35 sigs wot a sh1t hole ive recently left and glad to be at 30 so wot does that say to you!!!!!!!!
  5. why not try 37 aswell, at least some of their kit is from this century. (Yes they've got NCRS but they don't use it)
  6. I'm serving at a Regular unit and very little of our kit is from this century. Most of it (Clansman, Ptarmigan etc) comes from the 20th century.

    Did you mean to say that?
  7. No 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment/2 (NC) Signal Bde Equipment

    I was refering to 35 Sig Regiment having kit from the late 80's (even NCRS came out of the factory after Ptarmigan)
  8. Don't be swayed by a unit because of the kit that it has

    Be swayed by the fact that you will spend 2-3 years working your (girly) nuts off with people who have less time and trade knowledge than you
  9. Don't agree with you on that, a reg Tech in a Ptarmigan unit will spend much of their time sorting kit out and filling in for missing switch bitches on exercises. Going to a Radio (NC) regiment involves far less tech work (clansman and most radio kit gets sent to others for repair with NCRS not being used very rarely so not requiring fixing). Also the NC regiments are quite invloved with IS, so that could be interesting. Also the lack of works means you can move into a more RD/Mil skills PSI role which can be interesting if your into that sort of thing

    Really? (some not all) :twisted:
  10. im there its good and yes i know there is a vacancy for a tech at 89 sig sqn in rugby, i love it and the guys are ok in fact ive seen some regs who are worse

  11. you lair its sh1t you sit on your ass doing nothing but dodging op tours and waiting for mondays off get back to the real army!!!!
  12. yep your right g3ops the corps screwed me royally but 18 years on still here and enjoying it how about you
  13. 18yrs........and loving it.

    With your length of service I'm surprised at your negativity...........
  14. not negativity the truth some sh1t units (as mentioned 3 div 35 sigs 600 tp attached i may add) but some great 1 div (verden) 20 bde (detmold) 4 div (herford) and 15 sigs i can only be honest how about you!