35 Paderborne, Barker Barracks

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Phoebian, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Being sent to Barker Barracks for 5 weeks untill my trade starts in April, just wondering if anyone knows what the accomodation is like. I will be a signaller in June after training. I know 35 are on tour and coming back soon, so I guess the barracks will seem a little empty maybe...

  2. Depends where they put you mate the whole camp (remember theres 3 units on it as we share with pwrr and reme) is undergoing a refurb and we have 2 blocks that are z minus (thats single rooms with a sink and double bed but shared ablutions) and we have the old untouched hitler blocks that are 2, 3 and 4 man rooms.
    Paderborn is nice enough and the sign in paderborn airport for Hareems (sp) is pretty muched aimed at yourself.

  3. Ah Hareems. Fond memories of drunkenly running away at closing with one of their dressing gowns hidden beneath my jacket and hiding in a bush from their security.
  4. Hareems..... Failing that theres even classier joints in Mango's and Savoys!
  5. Mangos?? That must be a new one.

    Does big Frank still work in Savoys?
  6. Yep he is still there... as for Mango's - if you havent been, you aint missing anything apart from maybe a fijiian trying to kick of with you every two minutes... its ace in there
  7. Mangos wasn't there when I was in Paderborn. Is Black & Whites still going? That was a quality venue. Trying to avoid getting stabbed by spicks was half the fun of the fair!