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35 Hour week

Would anyone like to share a bit of cross-governmental solidarity for our teaching brethren?
It appears that they are being savagely overworked and require a cut in the hours they work, in order to bring them in line with the rest of those in public service.
Good for them, I say.


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nurse in NHS is contracted for 37.5 hours/week and depending on employer may or may not include breaks which can push it over 41.5hrs/week. plus they work anti-social hours night duty, weekends,public holidays and do not get the 8+ weeks of teachers get. So I certainaly wish teachers would join the real world and stop crying because they are paid alot better than many and now realise thay have to work for their money.
Here, here Nurse.

My better half is a midwife (qualified as SRN first) and the basic rate for "top F" is £24K'ish.  Anti social hours will bump it up but not the holiday.  With three children time off is where it matters.
Teachers get paid Very well for what they do, and they get a hell of a lot of time off aswell.
On the news a few weeks back there was a story that teachers are to get time off for lesson prep.

Fair enough they do work long days with marking books and so on, But tell me in what job don't u do work in your own time. They are whining about this.

My sister in law is an LSA (learning support assistant) She spends more time in the class room, teaching the kids, and doing lesson prep, than the teachers do, and she is on less than 9k a year.

You have never had it so GOOD, Quit whinging and do the Furking JOB

We all know how hard health care professionals work in the NHS. They are long and unsocialable hours, and they get little reward and hardly any thanks for what they do. They dont go on strike at the drop of a hat.

By the friday morning i would have worked a 57hr week,  dont get me wrong, i'm not bragging.
I do the job i get paid for and i do it well. So what if i work crappy hours.



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On a similar theme, drivers' hours really gets to me. On an exercise at the end of last year my driver and I had to pull into a wood on SPTA and basically do nothing for 48 hrs because he had almost reached his fortnightly limit. My job is recce and I can't see myself ever managing to keep my driver's hours under the limit if I am to do my job properly.

On a similar theme, when on exercise with the French a couple of years back everyone got their heads down all night to ensure they had all had their mandatory 8 hrs sleep before driving on any public road. This of course meant that the enemy had free rein to kill off every vehicle every night!

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