35 engr regt (barker barracks)

Anybody know any information that will help me out im looking to bring the fiance over in the new year and we want to rent out a flat/appt but need relevant information costs? Hidden fees? Best parts of town to choose? Places to avoid? And so on and so on please help out anyway you can many thanks !!!

And the area you are looking at is ?
Have a look in the Westfalen - Blatt small ads (Mietwohnung Kleinanzeigen) it's online, or you can ask for a "Test ABo" where they will send you hard copies free of charge.

They use short hand a lot i.e "3 Zi Whg" is a three room flat. KM (Kaltmiete)= Rent without heating. WM (Warmmiete) rent heated. NK (Nebenkosten) is the other charges for services and rubbish collection. Avoid the two areas nearest to Barker Barracks "Kaukenberg" and "An der Lieth" that's crackhead antisocial wild east territory.
thanks for the heads up don't suppose you know what rates are reasonable for these places do you and what are excessive?? being a German virgin and all these regulations I don't want to be seen off cheers for the help though I will do some research on it when I finally knock off many thanks again cernunnos..UBIQUE
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