35 Engineer Regiment - Feedback please!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MAD_FERRET, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Gents, at the moment l have a pretty good indication of where l'm heading next, and l'm trying to get as much information as possible.

    Done all the usual suspects ie Armynet etc, however the grass is always green on their so pro's and con's of Paderborn if you would.

    For your information, lm a single SNCO with no ties so if you feel the urge to PM me with information, that would be appreciated.

    Location, facilities, nightlife, local town housing (rental?) is all good stuff.

    REgards in advance.
  2. pm Heartstopper.

    served twice at 35 but whilst it was still based in hameln sorry.
  3. Cheers Knocker... will do

    And having re read my post, before some quick wit says...

    ....no ties...l mean no kids / baggage, l have plenty silk ties thank you!
  4. I eft 35 in September 2005. Really enjoyed it, good lads, good night life, etc. The razman at the time was a twat (I spent my last 12 months in the officers mess, and even they slagged him off... Inc the CO), but would be interesting to know what it's like now he's gone.

    Oh, and just as I left the PWRR had moved onto camp - they seemed a good bunch of lads, , although things such as bringing birds back to camp etc, tightened up, but otherwise it was a good unit.

    The night life was pretty good, with some decent bars... Limericks was a decent Irish bar- and the guiness was better in there than it was in my local back in England.

    Reference living out costs - I remember looking at flats as I almost stayed over there with my ex-at the time.... Prices were pretty cheap from what I remember - can't remember exact prices but more than affordable if I had got some menial, crappy paid job as a UKBC.
  5. Mate let me know what sqn your joining and i can tell you how crap your next year is going to be! :D :wink:
  6. that's funny, I could've sworn people said that about waterbeach around the time I left!!!!

    good to see things are looking up
  7. odd this....Hohne is also supposed to be the Worst......a trend, cant be?
  8. I dont think the problem is Paderbourne itself, its most probably the 'management' at 35. Left a lot to be desired IMHO.
  9. Sadly mate at times it still does however the good bosses are often shouted down by the man who does not like confrontation (sp?)

  10. Sorry mate for a second I thought you were talking about the abortion that was the splitting of the TAs 73 and 71 Regiments to make 72. Still at least we don't have to put up with all the giberrish all of the time.
  11. I can second that, Hohne Broke me, asked for a posting after 4 years and was refused, I ended up signing off to get away from the place!
  12. 28 has definately got to be up there with the worst. I only asked for here on the reputation that this place was fantastic!!!! How on earth people can let it drop to how it is now is beyond belief, although i would say 32 is just a little bit worse.
  13. My 2 I/C was trying to sell Germany as a posting to me last night. I wonder why I have got no interest in going there with comments like this being posted?